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A word from the Editor

Hello it’s Will here, the title says Editor however that’s not true I’m just the guy behind the posts on this blog. I’ve decided to go down a more personal level with this post, I don’t want to talk about the next best weight loss routine or the top abdominal workout. Instead I would like to talk to you about random things on my mind and update you on the latest news. So if you are new to the site and looking for fitness tips then please browse the categories or if you just don’t care then that’s fine and just ignore this post.

So what am I doing at the moment? Well at the current moment in time I am sitting on a trampoline writing this post, life of Riley I know. Looking at the wider picture, I have finished the second year of my degree and I am continuing to train pretty hard. Today though after a heavy dead lift session yesterday, I am taking the day off. Apart from that I have been in the gym most days and I have noticed since coming back into family life that it’s slightly more difficult to keeping up a good diet. Not that we don’t eat well it’s just that my specific eating habits can become a pain. So finding a compromise will always involve the odd argument. Maybe that’s the first sign that I am become socially inept…. awesome.

Here is a bit of a dilemma for you, I’m starting to think about what I want to do with my life as my degree is almost over. Some days I can’t think of anything else than being really rich and driving a fast car, then others I can’t think of anything better than working in a relaxed job in a beach cafe having a very stress free life. The worst part is you will never know if you made the right choice, as life is too short to really have a go at both and time is always against you, which ever path you take, this to me is a pretty scary thought. Anyhow onwards and upwards.

News and Updates

Moving away from exercise which I said I wouldn’t be talking about a little update on how the site is running. You may have noticed I had ads running, displaying in the posts and in the header and side bar. I was always a little wary about clogging up the page, as when I go onto other websites I hate too much visual clutter. I have therefore decided to take most of them off apart from the header which will have to go soon. So I hope your reading experience has vastly improved, I certainly feel more happy about the nature of the blog. They did generate some revenue which is a shame to lose but you the reader are more important. So tell me did I make the right choice or would you mind seeing a little more advertising on this blog?

Right so onto the Big News. Another thing I am unhappy about with this blog is the lack of visuals in both picture and video form. The main reason being using a stock photo costs silly amount of money, for a silly image, yes I am a little stingy but $5 a photo is just not worth it. I also didn’t want to go showing you some random guys video demonstration. So the solution to this is that I AM GOING TO SETUP A YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Capitalised and boldened just incase you missed it. On the channel I am going to do visual demonstrations of exercises and answer questions. It will be a video version of this blog because explaining via text how how do some exercises is just damn near impossible. So be warned I am going to pester you to become a new subscriber once my videos go up which will be around the 12th of July.

I think that’s about it, if you are still reading by this point and if you have any questions well you know what to do.

Master/Superior/Ruling Editor in Chief. Will


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