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Exercises that will help you lose 5 kg in a month

Do you want to lose 5 kg that are bothering you for so long? Well, you should not be worried about losing them anymore because we have prepared several exercises that will help you improve your body shape in just a month. Every woman wants to look fit and have an adequately shaped body that looks strong and feminine at the same time. If you follow our workout routine, we can assure you that you will look much better and lose those extra pounds in a period of thirty days. Your body will become more defined and better shaped. All you have to do is follow these quick tips that will improve your overall body shape and boost your metabolism. If you really want to burn fat faster than ever, you must do a lot of cardio and hard training exercises. You will be able to lose at least 10 ... Read More »

The importance of healthy snacks for women who exercise

Instead of eating one meal that contains hundreds of calories, make sure that you eat healthy snacks throughout the day. If you continuously eat munchies that are healthy for you, you will notice a huge improvement in your body shape. Your body will become leaner and you will not feel bloated anymore. Snacks play an important part of our overall food regime. Some nutritionists say that choosing your snacks carefully is probably the hardest thing for people who like to indulge in foods that contain sugar. Nonetheless, if you want to achieve your weight goal, look slender and feel comfortable in any piece of clothing, you have to be careful and eat healthy snacks on a daily basis. Nowadays, even people who have a “sweet tooth” can choose hundreds of alternatives. There are hundreds of healthy munchies you can indulge in, so you should not worry if your body craves ... Read More »

The perfect workout for a slim waist

Every woman wants to have a perfect, slim waist and toned legs. In order to have a beautifully shaped waist, you must do a specific workout that will help you achieve your goal. We have prepared the perfect workout for women who want to have a nicely shaped waist. You should do this workout frequently if you want to see effective results in a short period of time. Do not forget to wear something comfortable while you are exercising. Also, you must drink water if you feel like you are out of breath. We can assure you that you will start losing inches if you start doing this workout 2 to 3 times per week. If you want to slim down your waist dramatically, you must do these exercises on a regular basis. Therefore, do not forget to think positive if you want to improve your body shape in a ... Read More »


Born on March 3 in the year of 1975, Tracy Anderson (38) is one of the best fitness trainers for celebrities and for many ladies not from the Hollywood world. The reason why she is Hollywood’s top trainer, lies in her method called simply – “Tracy Anderson Method”. All of those perfect bodies that we see on the world’s top cover – it’s Anderson’s guilt. Her clients are Shakira, Nicole Richie, Courtney Cox, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and many others from the show biz. Here are some tips that Anderson recommends: TIP 1 We all want to go to the gym and pay for that fitness program, but the truth is – can you really stick up to that plan and make it last? To start a program in the gym and to finish it without skipping any class is quite challenging. Anderson’s advice is to give yourself a challenge and ... Read More »


Giving a birth to a child and making this world a better place for living with one more angel on the way, it doesn’t matter if it is a boy or a girl, it is a dream come true for every woman. We can all see how celebrities work very hard in their post-birth period and have a great, fit body shape! It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you are becoming a future mother, that you should not take before and after giving birth. If we look retrospectively over the past, we will see that in the previous years, all that pregnant woman had to do was to stay at home, in calm and relaxing environment, and after giving a birth to a child, she should stay at home, taking care of the family, completely forgetting about her feminine side. But, the times have changed, and the current fashion is ... Read More »

How to make your legs skinnier

The first thing you need to know in order to make your legs skinnier is that you have to exercise at a high intensity for a high amount of reps. I often advise women to lift some weights as it’s great for weight loss. I still recommend that however if you’re solely trying to slim your legs down then you need to keep the reps to 25+ and the intensity high. Another thing that will determine how much your can lose from your legs is your diet. Legs on a woman is the beer belly on a man, it’s pretty much the first place any excess of calories is transported to, to be stored. This then often leads to the issue of cellulite formation which stops many women having the slender legs they deserve. How cellulite is formed Cellulite is formed by the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective ... Read More »

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