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Exercises that will help you lose 5 kg in a month

Exercises that will help you lose 5 kg in a month

Do you want to lose 5 kg that are bothering you for so long? Well, you should not be worried about losing them anymore because we have prepared several exercises that will help you improve your body shape in just a month. Every woman wants to look fit and have an adequately shaped body that looks strong and feminine at the same time. If you follow our workout routine, we can assure you that you will look much better and lose those extra pounds in a period of thirty days. Your body will become more defined and better shaped. All you have to do is follow these quick tips that will improve your overall body shape and boost your metabolism. If you really want to burn fat faster than ever, you must do a lot of cardio and hard training exercises. You will be able to lose at least 10 calories in 60 seconds if you maintain a healthy workout routine on a regular basis. If you want your plan to work out, you must be determined to make it and you have to remember that giving up is not the key. For that reason – stay strong and get fit in a period of thirty days!

The first exercise on our list is an exercise that will help you get stronger arms and legs. First of all, you have to stand with your feet apart. Both of your arms should stay at sides. Start jumping with your feet wide while raising your arms over your head. Start to cross your left wrist in front of your right one. Repeat this once again but this time cross your right wrist in front of your left one. After that, jump with your feet but this time make sure that they stay together. Start crossing your left foot in front of your right foot while you are crossing your arms in front of your thighs and hips. Do this for at least 30 seconds. If you feel like you have enough capacity, do this for about 60 to 90 seconds. Switch the position of your arm and your foot every time you jump in the air.

This exercise is an exercise for women who want to have slim legs, firm butt and strong abs. Maintain balance on your left leg while your right leg is bent and your foot is not touching the floor. Put your hands on your hips in order to become more balanced. Start lowering your body slowly and do a squat while you are keeping your balance on your left leg. Do ten repetitions of this exercise and do not forget to switch sides occasionally. If you feel like your body is strong enough, you can try the “harder” version of this exercise. Try to lift your right leg as high as possible while keeping your balance. Do not lean to your left or to your right side if you want to feel your muscles stretching.

lose 5 kg

Gym experts and trainers highly recommend this exercise because while you are doing it, the muscles of your back, butt, legs, chest and arms are activated. Therefore, you are losing weight from several body areas. Extend your arms and both of your wrists under your shoulders. Make sure that your body is in a straight line from your head to your feet. You should place your body in a push-up position and step your left food forward in order to bring your left knee near your left elbow while you are reaching forward with your right hand. This exercise is called “the spidey crawling exercise” because your legs and arms are stretched like the legs of a spider. Do several repetitions and do not forget to switch sides at least three to four times.

This exercise is perfect for women who want to have a strong, firm butt. First of all, lie on the left side of your body near a wall while your back is facing the wall. Your head should be resting on your right hand and your left hand should be on the floor in front of you so you can maintain your balance. Try to extend both of your legs forward. Start pressing your left foot against the wall that you are facing with your back. Your foot should stay flexed and your hips and shoulders should be square while you are pressing your foot against the wall. Start lowering your leg after a while. Do this for about ten times and of course – switch sides for about two to three times.

We have to admit – this one is a bit harder than the rest. However, if you do this exercise regularly, you will have strong arms, abs, thighs, butt and shoulders. Stand straight with both of your feet apart. Place your hands on your hips in order to maintain your balance. Put your left leg forward and lower your body while your knees are bent in a straight angle. Start leaning forward over your left thigh and put both of your hands on the floor. Make one step back with your left foot. If you feel like this is too hard for you, you can try this alternative – get in a push-up position and do not lower your body. We can assure you that this version of this “push-up” exercise is much easier. Do at least ten repetitions of this exercise and switch sides from time to time.

The last exercise on our list will help you get stronger abs, arms, butt and shoulders. To begin with, sit on the floor and place your hands behind both of your hips while your knees are bent and both of your feet are flat. Start lifting your hips into a “tabletop” position. This means that your torso should stay parallel to the floor. Place your ankles under both of your knees and your wrists under your shoulders. Take four steps forward and then extend your left leg up in the air while you reach with your right hand toward your left toes. Do this for about thirty to sixty seconds. We recommend that you repeat this exercise several times.


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