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How to Get and Stay Motivated

Motivation has an enormous part to play in your path to success. Throughout history people who are the most motivated ultimately achieved and surpassed their goals. In the current day and age there are plenty of distractions that can slow down success and lead to people becoming unmotivated. These include things like Facebook, Youtube, Films on demand on TV. All of which are fine in moderation but can become encompassing and hours can be lost to them. I have first hand experience, I have probably watched almost every video on Youtube, I would sometimes find myself watching something and saying to myself, ‘why am I watching this?’ and have absolutely no reason. I have since found ways to increase my motivation which enables me to use my time better and not waste it. This works for all aspects of your life not just your health and fitness but also for your studies and profession.

Know what you want

It’s very important to know exactly what you want to achieve, before you start anything. If you go to the gym with no purpose you will perform far below someone who has a fixation of losing 10lb’s in 3 months or being able to run a marathon in 4 hours. The same goes for studies, those with the mindset of achieving an A class grade will do so much better than those studying to get by. The mind is a powerful tool, amongst many professional sports such as Golf, Rugby and Football it is said that 70% of the game is down to mentality. This may sound stupid, and yes skill does come down to it however when building up their skills their mindset must have been in perfect order so they would practice day in day out, learn how to improve and put themselves through the pain barrier. Not forgetting if their mentality is not right on match day those skills are rendered useless. Once again their motivation to become some of the most successful sportsmen must be impeccable.

Visualise your Goals

A great way to keep motivated towards your goals is to have them in visual form. If you want an amazing ripped beach body, then you should find a picture of someone with one and look at it every day. This will remind you of what you are building yourself towards and all that suffering and dedication is well and truly worth it. The same goes for if you want to own a Ferrari, I highly suspect many people want to own a Ferrari. Yet looking at that picture every day is going to help increase your desire for the car and open you up to more ways of getting it.

Make a Plan

It’s much easier following a plan than making it up as you go along. You wouldn’t see a builder making up a house as he goes along, he follows plans. Therefore it’s important to plan how you are going to achieve your goal. This involves researching the best way in which to achieve it and adapting it to suit your needs and ability.

Remind yourself

This is what you are going to read every morning and evening to help keep you in the right mindset. What I suggest is to have a powerpoint presentation that covers all your goals, has all your visual images and has your plan laid out. Reading this every morning will surely keep you motivated. You could change it to suit you such as having it posted on your wall so you can read it while in bed the choice is up to you.

I hope this has given you some good ideas to get motivated as I said it applies to all aspects of your life not only sports. I recommend reading Think and Grow rich. Any questions you have don’t forget tweet me @topfitnesstips or leave a comment below.

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  1. You are an inspiration! I have stopped binge drinking and womanising, and have now decided to get ripped like you. Thank you Will.

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