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The best treadmill workouts for men

Some men tend to avoid treadmill workouts because they do not know that treadmill exercises play an important role in their workout routine. These exercises are far from boring and will help you get much better results than you have ever imagined. If you want to look fit and gain muscles effectively, you must not avoid these exercises. Treadmill exercises should become a part of your workout routine if you want to have a strong body. You will lose a lot of weight on the treadmill because while you are running on a treadmill, all of your muscles become active, especially your abdominal muscles and the muscles on your calves. We have prepared a list of the best exercises you can do on the treadmill. Read this article carefully and do not forget to do some of these exercises the next time you hit the gym! Our first exercise requires ... Read More »


2013 has just finished and 2014 has just arrived and we welcomed it with arms wide open and an open mind for the new styles and hits in the workouts zones. The new age ’14 is right in the front of us, get, set, ready and go! But, before we “attack” the new programs for workouts, let’s check one more time, which of the exercises have become the “ultimate” popular workouts for the year of 2013. Together with the Google’s annual 13th Zeigest, we represent you the most popular workouts among the healthy lifestyle lovers. We are starting our list from number 10 until the winning number 1. Here there are: Number 10 – THE WORKOUT -TRX Exercises for the bodyweight with the help of a trace. The traces which are portable, with help of the gravity, will help you for your predominance and how much you are resistant. For ... Read More »

4 Workouts for Developing a Strong Core

Having a washboard stomach or a six pack is a goal for most lifters, but many fall short because of the consistent dedication it takes to developing a strong core. A defined and muscular core shows health, stability and strength. A weak core not only looks bad, it can even make your other muscles less stable and more prone to injury during workouts or other strenuous activities. Your core muscles include the muscles of your lower torso, your oblique muscles, lower back muscles, and your abdominal muscles. These muscles are used in a wide range of movements and are involved in stabilizing your body during major compound lifts like dead lifts and squats. The stronger your core muscles are, the easier it will be to push yourself on the major lifts and avoid injury, so having a good regular core workout routine is a must for any serious lifter. A ... Read More »

Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout

brad pitt fight club workout

Brad Pitt in Fight Club was in absolutely peak physical condition, being somewhere in the region of 5-6% bodyfat, Brad shows us what is possible with some hard dedication and a few months of training. Although being shredded Brad didn’t possess a load of muscle when playing Tyler Durden, his ripped abdomen and veiny arms make him appear far stronger and bigger than he actually was. At no point was he weighing more than 170 lb’s and his true weight would have been closer to 160. Brad’s routine wasn’t any different from a standard 5 day split, most people and other celebrities use to get in shape. He did include a higher amount of cardio than the average routine because I stress again he wasn’t concerned with building a lot of new muscle mass. He was very concerned and focussed around ripping away the fat to reveal the muscle he ... Read More »

Fat Burning Workouts for Men

fat burning workouts for men

This article is aimed at supplying men with all the information they need to burn fat successfully. You will notice that it varies from the traditional fat burning techniques of sitting on a treadmill for hours on end and will give you far better results! Men and women both have as I’m sure you’re aware quite different body compositions, men are able to survive at a much lower body fat percentage than women, with women needing more fat to survive. The essential body fat for men is around 2% with many bodybuilders achieving 3-4% when in contest shape. The essential body fat for women is around 8% which is substantially higher. At this point abs are still very visible because women carry more fat on the breasts and organs which are essential for survival. To visualize body fat percentages here is a picture of a standard guy with 20% body ... Read More »

Build Muscle Without Weights

building muscle without weights

Can you build muscle without weights? If any of you have ever read Arnold schwarzenegger’s book the Encyclopaedia of bodybuilding you will see he mentions how through a series of posing and tensing routines you can actually stimulate the muscle to the effect where you do damage and encourage growth. Many bodybuilders do a posing routine after their workout so that they increase their muscle density. If you have every tensed all the muscles in your body for 30 minutes you will appreciate that this is no mean feat. However in this article I am going to run through some routines you can go through in the sanctity of your own home so that you can build muscle without weights. Bodyweight Exercises to build muscle without using weights If you don’t have access to weights then you are going to have to use your body as the weight. On the face ... Read More »

Pre exhaustion leg workouts

What is a Pre exhaustion leg workout? A typical leg workout and one that I have been using for years consists of doing the heavy compound movements such as squats and leg press at the beginning of the workout. This is when you have the most energy which allows you to lift heavier weights. With the weight being heavy more damage is caused thus resulting in more growth. So what about turning this all around and doing the exercise essentially in reverse? “If Arnold recommends it, it’s good enough for me!” There is little evidence that this causes any additional benefit when it comes to muscle growth but seeing as all the big name bodybuilders have and are using it, why not add it to your repertoire? I have always struggled to build larger quads and I have been implementing these in my workouts for around 1 month and have ... Read More »

Chris Hemsworth Workout for Thor

The Complete Chris Hemsworth Workout routine I have already done a successful post on one actor called Chris Evans so I thought staying in tune with first names of Chris I would talk about Chris hemsworths’s workout routine. Thor projected Chris Hemsworth into the limelight and many fitness institutions caught on that this guy has not been very muscular all  his life. Pictures arose of the actor at around 6-12 months prior to filming which showed Chris with a standard physique. Chris Hemsworths workout routine was mainly aimed so that he could pack on a large amount of muscle in a short period of time. The bodyfat percentage was not insanely low however he did manage to build himself a very manly physique. Being a norse God it kind of comes hand in hand. The routine revolves a lot around shock tactics, this is when you put your body in ... Read More »

How to get abs for girls

Correct me if i’m wrong but it’s not only guys who would like a set of abs. How to get abs for girls something more and more girls are looking into how to achieve. The inspiration of this post came from a Facebook group Hot Chicks With Ab’s which you have to check out! here. It features girls who have amazing definition and great abs. Having ab’s is a sign of a slim, sexy and toned physique. As a female what you don’t want is the thick bulky abs like a bodybuilder. A flat stomach with small defined abs is much more desirable, if you are after these kinds of abs then this is the page for you. What we need to avoid is thickening the abs to much. The thicker your abs are the more ‘bloated’ you will look. This is why how to get abs for girls differs ... Read More »

Bicep Workouts for Mass

Bicep Workouts for Mass – Build Thick Biceps! If you work out your biceps with exercises that don’t utilise the entire muscle then you could build biceps that look slightly out of proportion. For example being able to see ample amounts of bicep muscle while looking front on, however when you look from behind much less bicep is visible. This is because he/she has not utilised bicep workouts for mass. Instead of building a thick bicep the entire way around the arm, only the inner bicep has been built. Bicep workouts for mass are not like full body mass building exercises, you don’t have to lift heavy, it’s much more to do with the variation of lifts you perform. The aim here is to build a good peak to the bicep as well as a good width. Keeping good form is crucial for building good bicep mass. Overlifting can cause ... Read More »

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