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My Get Ripped Diet

Get Ripped Diet In response to a couple of requests about my current diet i’ve decided to do a post explaining exactly what i’m eating. Firstly what is my diet currently catered towards? You may have read my previous post on getting ripped for summer, I am currently going by that workout routine. I have developed my diet to supply me with the perfect amount of nutrients to gain muscle and lose fat. So if you want to get ripped and want some diet ideas then this should be perfect for you. Get Ripped Diet – Routine 6:45am Breakfast – 8 Egg whites, 2-3 Egg yolks – I have the egg yolks just to make them more tasty. I will also have some 0.1% natural Fromage Frais with some oats. This has 8g of protein per 100g and has no fats or sugars. I will then also have some carbs ... Read More »

How to get Stronger

How to Get Stronger Strength is sometimes a confusing attribute, I hear people describing someone who is ripped as being strong when the truth is they may lift less than many people who don’t have a six pack. So what is strength? Strength is a measure of a muscles ability to perform under an exerted stress the more stress it can perform under then generally the stronger the muscle is. What factors contribute to the strength of a muscle? Firstly, size DOES matter if you have a larger muscle mass you will be able to lift more weight. Secondly Muscle density, this is to do with how closely the muscle fibres are packed together. If you have more muscles fibres per unit of volume then you will obviously lift more weight. Lastly the way the muscle has been trained will alter it’s physiological properties so that for instance, it is ... Read More »

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