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What does creatine do?

What does creatine do – Background Creatine is a naturally occurring nitrogenous organic compound that is used by the body to supply cells with energy, by increasing the formation of ATP. Creatine is produced by the liver and kidneys from three amino acids, L – arginine, L – glycine and L – methionine. The majority of it, 95% is stored in your muscles with the remaining 5% being stored in the brain. The source of these amino acids is principally animal protein, it’s a misconception to think that steak contains creatine it will do however it’s destroyed on heating. Red meats such as steak contain the amino acids needed for you body to produce creatine, not the creatine itself. When taken in a supplement creatine is usual in the form of creatine monohydrate. What does creatine do – How does creatine work? Creatine is stored in the muscles is in ... Read More »

Are you eating enough Vitamins?

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Fitness and Vitamins If you have embarked or are embarking upon a fitness regime, you have to ensure you still follow basic principals. I’m sure as a child you were told to eat your vegetables and fruits because they contained vitamins which made you strong and healthy. Well your parents weren’t lying. You should still be doing this because you need vitamins as much as you need air, they catalyse and facilitate thousands of metabolic reactions. Almost every energy production or muscle growth process is reliant on a vitamin. Being deficient in any one of  them is going to seriously impede your progress. So Which vitamins should I take? You should be getting all of them from your varied diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, meats etc. You can also take a multi vitamin tablet to boost any of the ones your diet may not be providing you with. What do ... Read More »

High calorie Foods

Hey guys, so you are looking for some high calorie foods and meals that contain virtually no dead calories. What are dead calories? Well I define dead calories as something that is high in energy but has very little nutritional value. For instance a cheesecake is very high in calories yet it has almost no useful nutritional value, all the calories are in the form of sugars and saturated fats. So what are you looking for? You need to find foods and meals that have a good balance of each nutrient. A good guide is 40% Protein 40% Carbohydrate (of which 30% is complex) and 20% fats. You should also be getting a good portion of vegetables in with each meal, as your Mum probably once said, ‘eat your greens!’ So here are some examples: Pasta based meals Pasta is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, typically in 100g of ... Read More »

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