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The best treadmill workouts for men

Some men tend to avoid treadmill workouts because they do not know that treadmill exercises play an important role in their workout routine. These exercises are far from boring and will help you get much better results than you have ever imagined. If you want to look fit and gain muscles effectively, you must not avoid these exercises. Treadmill exercises should become a part of your workout routine if you want to have a strong body. You will lose a lot of weight on the treadmill because while you are running on a treadmill, all of your muscles become active, especially your abdominal muscles and the muscles on your calves. We have prepared a list of the best exercises you can do on the treadmill. Read this article carefully and do not forget to do some of these exercises the next time you hit the gym! Our first exercise requires ... Read More »


2013 has just finished and 2014 has just arrived and we welcomed it with arms wide open and an open mind for the new styles and hits in the workouts zones. The new age ’14 is right in the front of us, get, set, ready and go! But, before we “attack” the new programs for workouts, let’s check one more time, which of the exercises have become the “ultimate” popular workouts for the year of 2013. Together with the Google’s annual 13th Zeigest, we represent you the most popular workouts among the healthy lifestyle lovers. We are starting our list from number 10 until the winning number 1. Here there are: Number 10 – THE WORKOUT -TRX Exercises for the bodyweight with the help of a trace. The traces which are portable, with help of the gravity, will help you for your predominance and how much you are resistant. For ... Read More »

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