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Reasons why you may not be losing weight

Many people trying to lose weight must have come across the feeling of making very little progress. Trying really really hard just doesn’t seem to cut it and that weight is just not shifting. Well you are not alone, it’s a huge problem with people trying new diets and workout routines, they just don’t lose weight at the speed they expect. It’s all well and good telling you that it is hard and you just have to keep at it, I’m sure that’s not what you want to hear you know it’s a hard grind, instead lets find a solution.

In order for the body to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit, in other words you need to be expending more calories respiring than you consume through your diet. The remaining calories needed for the body to function are then taken from your fat reserves. In a simply way this is in essence the backbone of weight loss.

Let’s say for instance you take part in 45 mins of jogging that burns 450 calories. This will take the total calorie expenditure for the average person on that day to 2600-3100 calories. So then you should be making sure your diet is around 1000 calories below this figure leaving you with these remaining 1000 calories your body needs to function coming purely from fat burning.

So make sure you have your calorie intake down to the tee, the more precise the better as it’s easy to overeat.

What you may not know is that 1g of fat contains 9.5calories, so in 1kg of body fat you store 9500calories. This is quite a large number, and as you can see in the example above in order to lose 1kg it will take you 9-10 days of dieting and exercising every day.

A large problem is that 1kg of fat lost may not look like very much visibly, this could play a vital part in your motivation and cause you to waver from your diet, the biggest culprit in anyones weight loss campaign. So take this as a point always go by the scales and not with the visible appearance, that will come after. Human beings are big creatures and 1kg is not a massive amount of weight difference.

This has therefore lead me to my first point which is likely to be affecting the rate of your weight loss. You can’t have a cheat day, you can’t reward yourself for your efforts with a burger of chocolate bar. You can reward yourself at the end of your diet when the full fledged results can be seen. Doing so before hand and overindulging in some fatty treats such as crisps, burgers, chocolate is only going to cause you to put weight back on as these are dead calories and are only really used as an energy storage.

The next thing is that you can’t slack on the exercise front, if you don’t do it you will not lose weight. It’s very easy to say to yourself that you have been running 3 times this week I will take a few days off. Unless you are finding it very painful to walk/stand then you have been exercising too hard and shouldn’t be exercising in that manner anyway. You should be undertaking low intensity exercise and you should not find yourself needing a break. Of course some times it may be a little unpleasant but you really must keep it up.

Just because you have read that some people can eat what you want doesn’t mean you can too. This is obviously the biggest marketing BS out there, not a single person on this planet can eat what they want a still lose weight. Unless 1) They have something seriously wrong with them or 2) Only enjoy eating Rice cakes.

Don’t weigh yourself every day, the scales are unlikely to show any movement if you do this, instead weigh yourself at a set time preferably in the morning once a week. This will give you a much better indication as to the rate of your weight loss, which should not exceed 2-3lb a week.

If you are still unsure why you are not losing your weight please leave a comment below and please do on your thoughts about the post, I love hearing from you.



  1. Is there a way to workout specific parts? e.g. can I do something to reduce my fat in the stomach area?

    • This is a tough one, in short no, you can’t decide where your fat will be lost from first, and in this case fat is lost from the stomach area last, hence six packs are the hardest muscle formation to show. However if you train lots of core exercises, you will increase your stomach muscles and this will help tone your stomach but unfortunately you can’t lose fat purely from your stomach. Hope that helps.

  2. Nice post!! Thats how it should be done! :) in addition i would like to say that muscles weight more than fat so it is possible that u gain a little weight first at a untrained level. This will stop at a certain level since u dont eat enough cal. to build up further. To lose weight like described in this post ur body will be in a catabolic stage wich means u will not only lose weight in time but also musclemass. Therefore i would recommend to take some extra protein (supplement) to speed up your metabolism and to work against the catabolic muscleloss effect.

    • Yeah I agree David, keeping the muscle mass up is only going to hasten weight loss, so adding in some extra protein is a win-win situation.

  3. I am purely trying to reduce fat content around my waist, maybe just about 2 inches or so. Are there any specific Cardio/any other form of exercise that you would recommend for this?
    How long can I start to expect results?

    • Hi, trimming fat from specific areas is near impossible. The waist is sadly one of the last places fat is lost from, there are cardio exercises that will tone the stomach better than others and two of the best are runnning and swimming (front crawl). These use the core a lot and will be very good for toning up. If you exercise everyday within 2-3 weeks you will see results on the scales and within 1 month you will visually start noticing results, as long as you keep a clean diet!

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