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My Get Ripped Diet

Get Ripped Diet In response to a couple of requests about my current diet i’ve decided to do a post explaining exactly what i’m eating. Firstly what is my diet currently catered towards? You may have read my previous post on getting ripped for summer, I am currently going by that workout routine. I have developed my diet to supply me with the perfect amount of nutrients to gain muscle and lose fat. So if you want to get ripped and want some diet ideas then this should be perfect for you. Get Ripped Diet – Routine 6:45am Breakfast – 8 Egg whites, 2-3 Egg yolks – I have the egg yolks just to make them more tasty. I will also have some 0.1% natural Fromage Frais with some oats. This has 8g of protein per 100g and has no fats or sugars. I will then also have some carbs ... Read More »

Get Ripped and Toned for Summer

It’s almost Summer, at this time my focus and energy goes up as it’s almost the season for board shorts and any excuse to go around topless. It’s in these next couple months that you can really put in some hard work and reap results for the rest of the summer. So with most peoples primary focus to get ripped and toned what need to be done? Steps that need to be taken I’ve said it before but I will say it again, DIET has to be impeccable. I’m sure it’s been hard as it’s been Easter and copious amounts of chocolate have surely been on offer but the time for cutting out those excess fats and carbs has never been better. To keep your diet in check make sure you write down what you are going to eat each day, so you can shop for foods you need in ... Read More »

Sports that get you Ripped

Is there just one sport that is good for getting you ripped? The truth is that if you take a sport seriously as long as it involves some cardiovascular exercise and you have a good diet you will get ripped it doesn’t actually matter what the sport is you are partaking in. A multitude of sports will infact be better than solely focusing on one sport. For instance running be it sprinting or endurance is a great way to get ripped. When you run you use a lot of core muscles, these help stabilise your upper body, so it’s not only your legs getting a good workout. You also burn a lot of calories running so it’s great for losing fat and getting ripped up! When running you use your legs and core, but you also want to make sure your arms are getting used. So you need another sport… ... Read More »

High Intensity Training (HIT)

High intensity training was first implemented in the 1970’s and used by many ‘Mr Olympians’ and many world class athletes. This training method is infrequent, usually performed once every fortnight and requires lower weight and higher reps. The rest is needed because you’re pushing your muscles to failure from which they need time to recover. Why are you pushing your muscles to failure? Exercising your muscles to failure is thought to further stimulate growth and stamina, it can be useful when your training reaches a plateau. You should only train one muscle group or a muscle group and their counterpart. For example Back and Biceps, shoulders and triceps etc. When working out like this your form is vital and the movement is mean’t to be slow and controlled. You should be looking to perform 15 repetitions per set at which point you should be reaching failure, and the workout length ... Read More »

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