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What to wear when you work out


I was doing a leg session in the gym today and on my first set of squats I hear a tear. I was wearing shorts and tracksuit trousers and it turns out I had completely shredded my lucky shorts which I have had since I started working out 3 years ago! I just thought I would give you a few hints on what to wear and when as I would hate for this to happen to you. So I don’t want to tell you what you should wear when you work out. That is up to you, you have your own fashion statements and I respect that. However I want to highlight some clothes that will give you more from your workouts and possible bring to light some items you have not thought of yet. Hoodies For keeping warm especially in the winter there is nothing better than a hoody. ... Read More »

10 Things you NEED in your gym bag

By having these 10 items in your gym bag you will be ready for all scenarios during your workout. In no particular order of importance. 1) Decently sized gym bag Having a few pockets to separate your equipment is always useful, as well as adequate space to store a change of clothes, supplement containers and shower equipment. 2) Lifting Chalk Lifting chalk is amazing for giving you a greater effective grip strength. Even though I recommend straps I also don’t recommend them at the same time and deadlifts and rows should be done with and without them, but chalk is something you should always use when doing either of these exercises. Side note: You also look like a badass chalking up! 3) Supplement Containers Small tupaware containers are very useful for containing both pre workout and post workout supplement mixtures. As you may know I recommend buying in bulk and ... Read More »

Steroids in Bodybuilding and the Fitness Industry

This coming weekend is the Mr Olympia competition that is held in Las Vegas. Men and women come from around the globe to show of their size, symmetry and conditioning which has taken them their entire lives to prepare for. They may only get 1 or 2 attempts to take the title and the $250’000 dollar prize money. (Edit – This post was set to publish while I was travelling but didn’t…. which is why the reference to the past tense) This competition is an untested competition so no matter how many kilo’s of steroids have been pumped into their system they can still compete. These people devote their lives to become freaks of nature which I find impressive and personally look forward to the olympia competitions each year. The first thing worth mentioning is the way in which they influence the world’s view on bodybuilding. It’s easy for the ... Read More »

3 Brilliant ways to destroy yourself in the gym

Numero Uno This guys deadlift form is second to everyone in the history of the human race. I’m not sure if you could have worse form, lets commend him for giving himself probable chronic scoliosis and other back issues for life. If your deadlifting technique resembles this in any way I suggest starting from scratch. Numero dos These idiots first of all are trying to squat 140kg which is probably 10 times their bodyweight they are skinny as s**t and are wearing faggoty gym wear. Mute the video and watch how not to lift weights, yeah you should be pushing yourself but this is just retarded. The spotter also is of no use to anyone, in a squat you gotta bear hug your bro when he’s lifting heavy weights not prance around. Another thing is his lifting belt is far too big, please don’t be like these guys in the ... Read More »

It’s all Just Advice….

When it comes to fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss etc there is no correct answer! If you browse the web on how to build muscle you will come across a plethora of different advice telling you how to build muscle. Some people recommend eating less frequently than others, varying amounts of carbs proteins etc. Then there are those who say you should intermittently fast, then others saying you should eat at all times of the day and wake up in the middle of the night etc. Some of this information is simply regurgitated for the sake of it. Some of it is also out of date, for instance a few posts from my past are now slightly inaccurate as i’ve since improved and optimised my routines and diet. I am going to put in little notes saying what I now think on these old posts however they are important as a sense ... Read More »

How Frequently Should you Workout your Abs?

Summer Is here it’s time to hit the abs The abdominals are often a summer related exercise, people often don’t train them during the winter and then expect to build them up to fitness model standard in a matter of weeks. This simply doesn’t really happen, if you don’t train abs in the winter then you will have a poor basis on which to work on. It also poses the risk of a higher chance on injury. If you are doing deadlifts, squats etc then you are building up your lower back and if you don’t work your abs then you are building muscle disproportionately. This will also mean your performance on these compounds exercises will be lacking, with the core playing a large role in extended squat performance. Having a weak mid section will also make you prone to a hernia. Hernias are most common in the abdominal region ... Read More »

5 Reasons why you SHOULD eat meat


5 Reasons why you SHOULD eat meat So in the news lately they have been discussing a study done by the University of Harvard that said we need to vastly reduce the amount of meat we eat, red in particular. If you eat red meat you have a 13% great chance of dying and processed meat 20% greater. Congratulations you now have a 113-120% chance of dying. I am not here to discredit their research, I merely think there are more important health issues to address before the issue of meat eating. I have just written down 5 reasons why I think you should eat meat. 1) Do you want to be a skinny bitch? If you don’t eat meat you’re going to seriously struggle to get a decent amount of protein. It’s not a secret that protein is vital in building muscle, by not eating meat you will essentially ... Read More »

6 Month Transformation and a Happy New Year

First things first Happy New Year everyone, I hope you have all your goals laid out and that 2012 brings you health and happiness! Secondly I would like to put out a word of thanks to all the followers and supporters of the site. All the likes, comments, and messages make running the blog a really enjoyable experience so thank you. Thirdly I would like to congratulate those people who have taken action and made changes to their body, some of the stories sent in have been very impressive! Now onto other stuff. What am I doing in 2012? Well I have a few ambitious and goals that are going to require pretty intense dedication, the more you put in though the more you get out so I know it’s worth it! I also really want to get a youtube channel up as I am finding explaining exercises quite annoying ... Read More »

A word from the Editor

Hello it’s Will here, the title says Editor however that’s not true I’m just the guy behind the posts on this blog. I’ve decided to go down a more personal level with this post, I don’t want to talk about the next best weight loss routine or the top abdominal workout. Instead I would like to talk to you about random things on my mind and update you on the latest news. So if you are new to the site and looking for fitness tips then please browse the categories or if you just don’t care then that’s fine and just ignore this post. So what am I doing at the moment? Well at the current moment in time I am sitting on a trampoline writing this post, life of Riley I know. Looking at the wider picture, I have finished the second year of my degree and I am ... Read More »

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