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5 Killer Ways to get Bigger Arms!

5 Easy Recipes – How to get Bigger Arms Big arms are very much the show muscles much like abdominals and loads of guys want to have them. Overtraining the arms is quite common, from my experience training too frequently doesn’t result in brilliant growth. Likewise isolating the muscle in a concentration curl/seated bicep curl is not as effective as incorporating heavy barbell curls in your workout. 1) Vary Your Grip on Bicep Curls In relation to Barbells: When you grip a straight bar you can either grip it so your hands are outside shoulder width apart, at shoulder width or inside should width. Gripping the bar at different positions is going to work a slightly different part of the bicep if you are doing curls. As a rule of thumb you should be doing equal amounts of each grip, this will hit all parts of the biceps giving you ... Read More »

Chris Hemsworth Workout for Thor

The Complete Chris Hemsworth Workout routine I have already done a successful post on one actor called Chris Evans so I thought staying in tune with first names of Chris I would talk about Chris hemsworths’s workout routine. Thor projected Chris Hemsworth into the limelight and many fitness institutions caught on that this guy has not been very muscular all  his life. Pictures arose of the actor at around 6-12 months prior to filming which showed Chris with a standard physique. Chris Hemsworths workout routine was mainly aimed so that he could pack on a large amount of muscle in a short period of time. The bodyfat percentage was not insanely low however he did manage to build himself a very manly physique. Being a norse God it kind of comes hand in hand. The routine revolves a lot around shock tactics, this is when you put your body in ... Read More »

5 Reasons why you SHOULD eat meat


5 Reasons why you SHOULD eat meat So in the news lately they have been discussing a study done by the University of Harvard that said we need to vastly reduce the amount of meat we eat, red in particular. If you eat red meat you have a 13% great chance of dying and processed meat 20% greater. Congratulations you now have a 113-120% chance of dying. I am not here to discredit their research, I merely think there are more important health issues to address before the issue of meat eating. I have just written down 5 reasons why I think you should eat meat. 1) Do you want to be a skinny bitch? If you don’t eat meat you’re going to seriously struggle to get a decent amount of protein. It’s not a secret that protein is vital in building muscle, by not eating meat you will essentially ... Read More »

Do Girls Like Muscles?


Do Girls Like Muscles? – A pressing question in need of an answer If you asked any guy if girls prefer muscly guys over skinny guys, the unanimous opinion would be a yes they do. This reasoning could be because it’s very rare to see a guy poster model being skinny, he will more likely have a good degree of muscle and definition. It’s also very common to see attractive girls with muscly guys. Leading to one of the overwhelming reasons guys spend hours lifting weights in the gym is so that they can impress the ladies. There must be a underlying psychological principle for this observation. Looking into it, it can be thought of as a primitive trait. Throughout the animal kingdom the alpha male is notoriously the most aggressive and powerful. They can provide the highest level of protection and safety within the group. So does this view ... Read More »

Do Protein Shakes Work?

Do Protein Shakes Work? Or are they just a scam? If you pick up any muscle magazine, go into any gym or go on any website you will undoubtedly see a fitness professional endorsing protein shakes. The supplement trade is a multi billion dollar industry, however is this down to good advertising? Or great results? If you have read some of my earlier posts and my transformation story you will notice I put a lot down to starting to take protein shakes. This also went hand in hand with a radical change in diet and exercise programs. Some surveys show a vast majority of protein shake takers lie in the 12-18 year old demographic, which could be because of the, ‘muscles in a drink promise’. I too fell into this category, I took protein shakes on and off during my teenage years and because of poor diet and exercise they ... Read More »

Chris Evans Workout for Captain America

Chris Evans Workout routine Exposed With the release of Captain America on the big screens it’s sparked up the question of, how did Chris Evans get so jacked? He was already pretty ripped before he was cast to play the role but he put on some serious muscle mass in quite a short period of time. If you have ever read any of the Captain America comics you will have noticed how muscly Captain America is portrayed and Chris Evans has replicated it very well. Chris Evans’ Workout consisted of a heavy split routine. For those that don’t know what a split routine is, it is when you train one body part each day of the week and then rinse and repeat. It’s what I recommend in most of my posts. I wouldn’t say this workout is limited by any gym experience, it is intensive however and if your just starting ... Read More »

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