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High Protein Foods

There are some foods that will help increase muscle mass and some that obviously will not, as ever protein content is a vital factor in choosing the right foods to build muscle. Eating foods that are high in protein will substantially increase muscle growth and repair. Here are a few examples of such foods: Eggs Eggs are a excellent cheap source of protein, one of the top choices for athletes. The majority of the protein is found in the egg white and it’s very easily broken down into amino acids in the body. As well as being easy to prepare, tasty and wholesome, eggs are a vital food you need to consume to help build muscle mass. One of my personal favourites is a ‘protein pancake’ which involves 5 egg whites and 40g of oats blended in a blender and a scoop of protein shake, preferably vanilla. (You can add ... Read More »

High calorie Foods

Hey guys, so you are looking for some high calorie foods and meals that contain virtually no dead calories. What are dead calories? Well I define dead calories as something that is high in energy but has very little nutritional value. For instance a cheesecake is very high in calories yet it has almost no useful nutritional value, all the calories are in the form of sugars and saturated fats. So what are you looking for? You need to find foods and meals that have a good balance of each nutrient. A good guide is 40% Protein 40% Carbohydrate (of which 30% is complex) and 20% fats. You should also be getting a good portion of vegetables in with each meal, as your Mum probably once said, ‘eat your greens!’ So here are some examples: Pasta based meals Pasta is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, typically in 100g of ... Read More »

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