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5 Reasons why you SHOULD eat meat


5 Reasons why you SHOULD eat meat So in the news lately they have been discussing a study done by the University of Harvard that said we need to vastly reduce the amount of meat we eat, red in particular. If you eat red meat you have a 13% great chance of dying and processed meat 20% greater. Congratulations you now have a 113-120% chance of dying. I am not here to discredit their research, I merely think there are more important health issues to address before the issue of meat eating. I have just written down 5 reasons why I think you should eat meat. 1) Do you want to be a skinny bitch? If you don’t eat meat you’re going to seriously struggle to get a decent amount of protein. It’s not a secret that protein is vital in building muscle, by not eating meat you will essentially ... Read More »

Do Girls Like Muscles?


Do Girls Like Muscles? – A pressing question in need of an answer If you asked any guy if girls prefer muscly guys over skinny guys, the unanimous opinion would be a yes they do. This reasoning could be because it’s very rare to see a guy poster model being skinny, he will more likely have a good degree of muscle and definition. It’s also very common to see attractive girls with muscly guys. Leading to one of the overwhelming reasons guys spend hours lifting weights in the gym is so that they can impress the ladies. There must be a underlying psychological principle for this observation. Looking into it, it can be thought of as a primitive trait. Throughout the animal kingdom the alpha male is notoriously the most aggressive and powerful. They can provide the highest level of protection and safety within the group. So does this view ... Read More »

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