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Workout motivation for older people

Workout motivation for older people

Everyone needs workout motivation from time to time. When you start an exercise routine, you will probably feel like you want to give up after a while. However, if you are motivated and energized, you will feel like you can do anything and you will not feel tired and fragile. Staying motivated is always important. It does not matter if you are 16 years old or 60 years old.

The Archives of PM and Rehabilitation conducted a research about the way that elder people feel about exercising. In most cases, elder people say that they are not able to exercise. Some say that they do not want to, but most of them say they can’t. Being active physically is important at any age. However, physical activity decreases as we grow older. Older people start to feel like they have lost their independence when they grow older. Also, many of them suffer from a specific disease or a constant medical condition (diabetes, pneumonia etc.) These reasons make older people feel like they are incapable of exercising. However, workout sessions can easily prevent the unwanted effects of a sedentary way of living. There are several health benefits for elder people that can also help them improve their overall health. However, in most cases, there is only one thing that’s lacking – motivation.

There are hundreds of books based on health benefits that workout sessions have on older individuals. Non-profit organizations, colleges and institutes have already issued papers about the importance of workout sessions for older individuals. The National Institutes of Health has already issued a paper based on this subject. The American Heart Association has also issued a paper that was based on the health benefits that older individuals get when they are exercising. Also, the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office has already issued a consensus declaration on the same topic. According to all of the statements and papers, the key factor that will make people want to exercise on a regular basis is motivation. If older individuals feel like they have motivation, they can easily achieve their goals. However, if they feel like they have no motivation whatsoever, they will not stick to their exercise plan. Therefore, if you know an older individual, make sure that you motivate him or her to keep on exercising and become healthier at the same time.

Have you ever wondered how is motivation defined? Scientists and experts believe that motivation equals a force that can act on a certain individual and can initiate a specific behavior. Simply speaking, motivation is a force that makes us feel like we can achieve everything that is in our power. If we feel motivated, we can do 100 push-ups in a session. On the other hand, if we do not feel motivated at all, we will do only 20 push-ups in a session. That is the power of motivation.

Geelen and Soons adapted a specific equation on motivation. This equation goes along with four different factors that have a subjective element. Motivation is equivalent to the chance of succeeding multiplied by the significance of our final goal. Our final goal should be divided by the cost that should be multiplied by our preference to stay inactive. Seems complicated, huh? Well, it might seem a bit complicated when you read about it. However, we can assure you that it’s not complicated at all.


The first subjective factor is probably the one that is the most serious. We should pay a lot of attention to this factor. According to several studies, older individuals tend to develop certain beliefs that are quite contrary to the beliefs of other individuals who are younger than them. They believe that they will not succeed at anything. They believe that they do not have any power. That is, of course, incorrect. Older individuals are still capable of exercising and are capable to do workout sessions by themselves. Sometimes, they might need assistance from their trainer, but in most cases, elder individuals are capable of exercising regularly by themselves. The first subjective factor shows us that the way that we perceive our chance to succeed plays an important role in the way we live our life.

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Another thing that plays an important role in older people’s behavior is that older individuals are used to a health system that is quite dissimilar than the health care system that we have today. Back in the days, the health care system had different methods and principles. It was not as developed as it is today. Unlike today, older individuals have lived their life thinking that while you are being treated from a disease or a persisting medical condition, you should remain physically inactive.   We have the perfect example for you: when a person have had a myocardial infarct or felt pain in the back, he or she was supposed to stay in bed and rest for a longer period of time. Today, things have become a little bit different. According to cardio surgeons and experts, people who have had a myocardial infarct should do workout sessions. However, they should not do anything that could have a negative impact on their overall health condition.

The costs that have been mentioned in the equation are monetary. One of the costs is the monthly fee that you have to pay at the gym. Also, you will have to buy appropriate clothing and fitness shoes for the gym. The cost is not always monetary, though. Sometimes, the cost can be a bit more “expensive”. The cost can be pain, tiredness, sudden loss of energy etc.


There are several methods that are required in order to conquer all kinds of challenges. Doctors, medical experts and physiotherapists should encourage older people in order to keep them motivated. Being encouraged by one’s doctors is of great importance, mostly because that way, you know that you are in good shape and your body can go through muscle pain, tiredness etc. Also, doctors and medical experts can help older individuals realize that exercising is really important in order to be healthy and stay healthy for a longer period of time. In many cases, older individuals have to be educated about the significance of exercising. If they stay informed, they will know that exercising has a lot of benefits for their overall physical and mental health.


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