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Chris Evans Workout for Captain America

Chris Evans Captain America Workout

Chris Evans Workout routine Exposed

With the release of Captain America on the big screens it’s sparked up the question of, how did Chris Evans get so jacked? He was already pretty ripped before he was cast to play the role but he put on some serious muscle mass in quite a short period of time. If you have ever read any of the Captain America comics you will have noticed how muscly Captain America is portrayed and Chris Evans has replicated it very well.

Chris Evans’ Workout consisted of a heavy split routine. For those that don’t know what a split routine is, it is when you train one body part each day of the week and then rinse and repeat. It’s what I recommend in most of my posts. I wouldn’t say this workout is limited by any gym experience, it is intensive however and if your just starting it may be worth seeking more basic training before attempting this.

Chris Evans workout routine

This routine is intended to build up some serious muscle mass, as well as conducting all the exercises in the routine rigorously you also need a controlled diet. It’s worth checking out my post on high calorie foods  to find some ideas for bulking food. When Chris Evans was working out he said he didn’t like diets, he just ate as much as possible, which really shows in his results. When it comes to the captain america workout any supplementation is going to help. It’s worth taking the usual protein shakes before and after the workout (I recommend Optimum Nutritions Whey Protein ) as well as investing in some stimulants like NO-xplode.

Check out my post on the on what I think are the BEST PRE WORKOUT SUPPLEMENTS you can get your hands on.

Without further edue lets get onto the workout.

Day 1 – Captain America Workout

Starting off the week with a Leg workout involving plenty of compound exercises;

  • Leg Press
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Curl
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Calf Raises

Do each of these exercises for 4 sets with 8 repetitions in each. Keep the rest time to a maximum of 90 seconds. Walking at the end of this should not be pleasant.

Day 2 – Chris Evans Workout

 This second day is going to be a shoulder session;

  • Military Press
  • Dumbell Press
  • Lateral raises
  • Shrugs
  • Seated Lateral Raise
  • Seated Barbel Press

Again 4 set of each with a minimum of 8 repetitions.

Day 3 -Chris Evans Workout
Day 3 is going to be a Back day and contains another set of compound movements which aids muscle hypertrophy.
  • Pull ups
  • Deadlifts
  • Seated row
  • Straight leg deadlift
  • Pulldown
  • Bent over row
  • Lateral Flys
This is an exceptionally intensive day, again aim for 4 set of 8 reps. Pushing yourself to failure on the deadlifts is a must.

Day 4 – Captain America Workout

This can be a rest day if you are feeling a little sore and I would recommend it. However if you are feeling good lets get working our chest.
  • Flat Bench Barbell Press
  • Incline Bench Berbell Press
  • Flat bench Dumbbell Press
  • Decline Dumbbell Press
  • Incline Dumbell Flys
  • Peck Deck
  • Pullovers
Again an intensive day with 7 exercises, 4 sets each of 8 repetitions.

Day 5 – Chris Evans Workout

Today we are going to purely focus on the guns.
  • Dumbbell curls
  • Tricep pushdowns
  • Barbell Curls
  • Preacher Curls
  • Skull Crushers
  • Hammer Curls
Again every exercise for 4 sets and with 8 reps in each.
Depending on if you have a rest day half way through the exercise you will now have either 1 or 2 days off. You then rinse and repeat and expect to see insane results within a short period of time.
So in conclusion the Chris Evans Workout is an intensive mass building routine. There are plenty of compound exercises put in throughout the week. This makes sure every muscle is constantly being worked out. 2 rest days are in there just to make sure you don’t become a complete mess, it should be intensive enough with them. If you think you could push yourself more, have only one rest day.
Disclaimer: This workout is not associated with Chris Evans it’s simply a workout that will give you the results you saw in Captain America.


  1. Hi Will. I am 23 and quite built but with not much if any definition on my body. I have always wanted to be more toned and ripped. not for many reasons other than self achievement and confidence too. It’s been so dam hard to get the definition I’ve been after though. no mater what training I partake in, I feel like I’m just getting bigger but my chest still has no shape and my abs hardly break apart into the six-pack I see all over the place at the gym. Do you think I can get some advice from you on what you did to get more definition while building muscle or am I on the complete wrong path? if so, please help me out if you can. hit me up on my email if you got a few minutes. thanks.


  2. Will,
    I am a student as well, I am working on getting bigger, and cut and losing some fat.

    I currently weight 170 – 6’0 feet

    I was wondering why I work so hard on my arms, but see no growth i basically do the same arm workout you listed once a week.
    And the same chest workout basically minus peck deck…my chest is okay, besides my right is bigger/fuller than my left peck…(im left handed) -_-
    I also have love handles and want to burn those and get abs.


    send me an email please?

  3. I have the exact same problem, can you also send me the same email?

  4. I have never done a bulking, in the process of getting as cut and lean as possible with p90x and proper clean diet and should end up at about 150-155lbs by the time im done. How long should you rest between sets and is it better to do a dirty bulk or a clean one? Is this the real routine that he did? Just email me back thanks.


    • When bulking you should always do a clean one, Check my latest post for my thoughts on bulking. Resting between sets if you are cutting should be max 60 seconds, which is not a long time! The routine is not the exact one he did, it’s just one that will give you the same results and is a collaboration of exercises he has been seen doing. Regards, Will.

  5. Hi will, Ive been working out for a while now. Ive always been a small guy. I did not hit 150 pounds until I was 22. Now im 26 and just hit 180 for the first time. I have a huge back but a small chest, and now i think i just hit my limits on my arms. I know your food is a big part of the whole process but im forcing myself already to get to 180 and im one of those people who is not a big fan of food. Im also not the riches of guys so i do with what i have. Any tips on how to help my chest and arms grow. And some food ideas and also how many protien shakes can i drink a day and when should I.

    • Well having a huge back is not a bad thing, you simply need to change up your chest routine and you should put on muscle pretty quickly. As I need more info to reply contact me on twitter @cecilfitness and we can sort out a routine and meal plan to help. Cheers!

  6. Hi i’ve started doing crossfit, which is amazing but i’m worried that i’m gonna burn off all the size i want to put on. Chris evans, chris hemsworth and ryan reynolds in blade are all exactly the shape and size i wanna be. Also i haven’t got a clue about diet. if someone could set out a diet for me i would be indebted to them forever. cheers

    • Hi Mike, I’ve recently just started doing the same, incredibly gruelling isn’t it! As long as you eat right you shouldn’t burn off the size, i’ve found it’s made me much stronger as it builds muscles i never really knew about. Contact me on twitter @cecilfitness or on facebook a link is in the sidebar and I will help you sort out a meal plan. Cheers!

  7. Two weeks into this work out. will be back after six weeks to explain/show results.

  8. hi will.. wondering if you could email me some advice too :)

    • Hi Henry if you contact me on facebook or twitter I can get some advice tailored to suit you, twitter is @cecilfitness and facebook is in the sidebar. Cheers.

  9. Also i noticed the similar post on HST. Doesn’t this go against it because you only work out a muscle group once a week? How do they differ and is this a better option or not?

    • They are two very different types of workout and shouldn’t really be compared and can’t be done at the same time. I suggest try this first, document results then give HST a go and see which one your body responds best to!

  10. Hi Will! I am 21 and have been going to the gym for the past few years. However, I have not managed to progress up the weights with time. It feels like I just start all over again each time I go to the gym. How am I supposed to go up the weights and build bigger muscles like Chris Evans???

  11. Hey Will,
    I am 28 years old, have been working out for about 10 years now. I am 154 pound but would like to be a solid 160, with some good definition, not too bulky. What kind of work out routine would you recommend?


    • Hi Mike, sounds like you need to be trying some High intensity workouts, they are great for strength and definition. It’s quite hard to put on too much weight and you can use you diet to maintain weight very easily once you have reached your target. The way you workout should mean no more than 90 second intervals and minimum 10 reps. If you want to go into much more detail catch me on twitter @cecilfitness.

  12. Hi Will, what are your thoughts on testosterone for an 18 year old along wirth this workout routine? I have been wanting to take testosterone to get bulkier than what I currently am. I’m 6’3” 242.5 lbs. Should I or should I not take it, and would it be bad for someone at my age?

    • Hi Oscar, I’m not in a position to answer that question. I knew a guy who started taking it not much older than you, sure he gained lots of weight, he then had a heart attack at 21 and now doesn’t train and is small, so be careful, I in no way can advise you to take it. Cheers, Will.

  13. Hi Will

    I have been training for a whole now and struggling to remove my love handles and belly, would you include some cardio in this or is the training enough? Also could you possibly offer some diet tips please


    • Hi Paul, yeah you can add cardio to this routine, either before or after the session and even better if you could get a cardio session in the morning then do this session in the afternoon. I’ve done quite a posts on diet tips, check out the weight loss section and if you have anything specific leave another comment on one of those posts. Cheers, Will.

  14. Hi Will!
    Couple questions if you got a minute.

    Is this the order of excersises you would like me to do this workout in as well?
    Is it Db shrugs? Or barbell shrugs?
    Also- how come more bicep work than triceps?

    • Hi Eddie, for the shrugs either, it’s down to your preference. There are slightly more bicep workouts than triceps due to heavier use of the triceps in chest and shoulder days. Yeah keep the routine in the order lays out, it maximises recovery of each muscle group. Cheers!

  15. Hey Will,

    I commented on here before but I don’t see it anymore so I thought I’d try again, sorry if I end up leaving multiple comments. I’ve been doing the Captain America Workout for about 2 weeks now and I really love it. I only weigh about 135 and I’m 18. I’ve actually been working out for a couple years and I always love new routines and challenges and just working out in general! I was just wondering if you could email me and we could talk and maybe come up with a routine and maybe meal plan more designed for me personally. I would greatly appreciate it! Keep in mind that a meal plan would be somewhat limited just since I’m a freshman in college living in a dorm haha.
    But I hope to hear from you soon and thanks!


    • Hi Paul, I’m very sorry a hectic term at university has made managing the blog difficult, back on track now though. I would be more than welcome to sort out a meal plan that would suit you. I’ll send you an email now, cheers.

  16. Really enjoy this routine. I do two weeks of this with two weeks of a superset routine. Great results in no time Good post

  17. Hey will,

    I eat healthy an do good during the week but when it comes to the weekend I lose focus and cheat the whole weekend. Have any tips on sticking with it? And what are your thoughts on cheat days? Or meals. Is it good to have them or is it better to just eat healthy all the time?

    • Hi John, personally I don’t have a cheat day. Once you get used to it your cravings go away. I no longer have any urges for anything that isn’t deemed healthy. I would say stick with a strict meal plan, and when you are down motivate yourself. I personally have a physique I want to attain and I simple remind myself of it when I’m feeling tired or not 100% up for a gym session.

  18. If you would like a meal plan and specific advice tailored for you please head over to my facebook page or send me an email strengthandfitnesstips(at) I work a 55 hour week and work out 1-2 hours a day so have little time to write routines for everyone, sorry if I can’t respond to your comment. Cheers and keep lifting!

  19. I did this workout combined with 2 servings of ON serious mass and a serving of ON casein a day and at least two baked potatoes and 2 chicken breasts mixed with lots of rice and pasta etc. And I went from 64.2kg to 68.9kg in 2 weeks.

    I proved to myself that it works so im going to attempt to bulk to 86kg in 3 months after i’ve refined my routine. I’ll start it next year and I’ll keep you updated how I get on.

    Cheers for posting this

  20. I work a similar routine but haven’t quite seen the results that Evans did. I don’t eat just anything because I have been wanting to cut the body fat percent down from the current 13% to 10%. Mostly its chicken and complex carbs but I do mix in the occasional lean pork loin chops and 93/7 or 90/10 beef. I wonder if you could give me some suggestions for food and calorie intake as well as supplementation to help in this endeavor.

  21. Hi will, im having trouble losing weight and gaining the mass i want. I do a good bit of cardio on top of muscle building but happen to not shed any weight. What supplements do you recommend??

  22. Hi Will İm 18 Years old i did start 4months ago and my body mesaurement now Chest 95 cm Biceps 31.5 cm Shoulders 114 cm İ Want to be a New Captain America : )) Should i try this Program How long should i do that?? Thank you So much …

  23. Hi I’ve been trading for a while now doing cardiovascular playing rugby and do weight sessions but I’m still not toned like I want to be can you please tell me where I’m going wrong

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