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What to wear when you work out

What to wear when you work out

I was doing a leg session in the gym today and on my first set of squats I hear a tear. I was wearing shorts and tracksuit trousers and it turns out I had completely shredded my lucky shorts which I have had since I started working out 3 years ago! I just thought I would give you a few hints on what to wear and when as I would hate for this to happen to you.

So I don’t want to tell you what you should wear when you work out. That is up to you, you have your own fashion statements and I respect that. However I want to highlight some clothes that will give you more from your workouts and possible bring to light some items you have not thought of yet.


For keeping warm especially in the winter there is nothing better than a hoody. You can put the hood up and just train like an animal. Also for the bodybuilders training in a hoody is ideal because it can hide your physique during your bulking season. This is more for vanity but no one who goes to the gym can’t say they arn’t a little vain. Hoodies recently have been developed to have some waterproof outer layers so you can also use them in torrential rain so you only get soaked from your own sweat. For those who like the more stylish options I recommend you start thinking about adidas Originals they have some awesome looking and functional hoodies.

T-shirt or Tank Top

T-shirt or tank top this is a tricky decision, and for the bodybuilder in you when you are trying to put on muscle wear a t-shirt when you are trying to cut down fat wear a tank top. Why? No reason again just out of vanity.

Make sure your shirt isn’t too tight as if you are doing shoulder press or bicep curls you might tear it apart! Zalanda does some stylish t-shirts that are perfect for working out in, not too tight but not too baggy.

As for the lower part of your body shorts will always dominate, however remember NOT TOO TIGHT. When doing squatting movements tracksuit trousers can often get in the way. The safest bet is to get some shorts that stop just before the knee. When trying them on mimick every movement in the gym squats, dead lifts, lunges etc to ensure you get a good range of motion. If you commonly do cardio then you need to have shorts as running, cycling or rowing in tracksuits trousers is going to be overkill on the sweat session.


Any gym goer has to have the appropriate footwear for the casual user I recommend a decent pair of running shoes. For the more advanced lifter you want a sole less shoe. Having a raised heel is going to cause all sorts of problems when lifting. To keep stylish and functionality why not check out some converses.

Finally all I can say don’t be an idiot and wear that tank top that fitted you when you were 12 years old it doesn’t make you look massive. It just makes you look like a fool. Hope that helped you in finding the right clothing to wear in the gym.


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  1. Thank you very much for all of the great tips. I usually wear just a tank top when I work-out, it makes me comfortable about my body (makes me a bit less conscious about my figure. lol.) :))

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