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How to get Stronger

How to Get Stronger Strength is sometimes a confusing attribute, I hear people describing someone who is ripped as being strong when the truth is they may lift less than many people who don’t have a six pack. So what is strength? Strength is a measure of a muscles ability to perform under an exerted stress the more stress it can perform under then generally the stronger the muscle is. What factors contribute to the strength of a muscle? Firstly, size DOES matter if you have a larger muscle mass you will be able to lift more weight. Secondly Muscle density, this is to do with how closely the muscle fibres are packed together. If you have more muscles fibres per unit of volume then you will obviously lift more weight. Lastly the way the muscle has been trained will alter it’s physiological properties so that for instance, it is ... Read More »

Simple Steps to Gain lean Muscle

So many people have asked me, ‘How do I gain pure muscle?’ Building muscle mass seems to be a slightly mis-understood, this is probably down to the vast amount of information there is on the internet. There are plenty of different workout programs, supplements, and equipment out there to choose from. I must have spent hours reading and researching the subject, and I have summarised my findings into 7 simple ways to increase muscle mass. 1. Get in the Gym – If you want to increase the size of your muscles, then there is no other way about it, you need to get in the gym. Lifting weight is hands down the fastest way to gain size. When your muscles lift weights, they tear. The small tears in the muscle fibers causes the muscles to get stronger and stronger over time. 2. Eat that Protein – Protein and fundamental amino ... Read More »

The Importance of Form in a Workout

Why is Form Important? Form is crucial in preventing injuries and ensuring the targeted muscles get the best workout possible. It’s common to see people in the gym with bad form, but what exactly is it? Well bad form is when someone is doing an exercise which has additional ranges of motion. Lets take the classic bicep curl as an example. When performing a correct bicep curl you should have a fixed elbow at your hip and then have a steady, stable range of motion while you contract the bicep. You will not only feel your bicep working but a bit of shoulders and core, these should however only be working to keep your body stable. The only motion you should be going through is the bicep contraction and not the lurching, rocking, leaning back heavily action commonly seen. What causes bad form? The principal cause of poor form is ... Read More »

How to get Ripped like the Actors in 300

If you have watched the film 300 you will know that every actor was in unbelievable shape. Muscles bulging, veins pumping and not a ounce of fat to be seen. People in the fitness industry were talking about it, saying, ‘it’s not all natural there must be lots of special effects.’ It turns out that it’s all natural, they did in-fact train exceptionally hard to get in shape and in some cases the actors collapsed due to exhaustion. I bet you can’t wait to try their routine…. Soon after the films release a workout emerged dubbed the 300 workout, which by no means is for the feint hearted. It is an epic full body workout, starting off with a mere set of 25 chin ups. All in all you perform 300 repetitions and you are supposed to complete in a time of 20 minutes or less. The workout is as ... Read More »

High Intensity Training (HIT)

High intensity training was first implemented in the 1970’s and used by many ‘Mr Olympians’ and many world class athletes. This training method is infrequent, usually performed once every fortnight and requires lower weight and higher reps. The rest is needed because you’re pushing your muscles to failure from which they need time to recover. Why are you pushing your muscles to failure? Exercising your muscles to failure is thought to further stimulate growth and stamina, it can be useful when your training reaches a plateau. You should only train one muscle group or a muscle group and their counterpart. For example Back and Biceps, shoulders and triceps etc. When working out like this your form is vital and the movement is mean’t to be slow and controlled. You should be looking to perform 15 repetitions per set at which point you should be reaching failure, and the workout length ... Read More »

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