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List of essential weight loss recipes

  The weight loss subject somehow manages to stay present at every full table for lunch. How to lose it, the number of the calories in one plate, drink water instead of Pepsi… Yes, the old good sentences. We keep repeating them, but what we actually do, to make a change, to take one step forward? Putting yourself through the roller coaster of the food chain, not eating during the whole day, remembering the food pyramid like you remember your favorite song, is not going to take you away if you don’t make a balance. A balance in what you do, work, how you eat, how much, it doesn’t matter what our activity is, find your balance. The beauty magazines are full of recommended diets, lists of healthy food, fitness tips, recipes for a weight loss, advices and expert reviews and thoughts. The choice is big, it’s up to you. ... Read More »

Fat Burning Workouts for Men

fat burning workouts for men

This article is aimed at supplying men with all the information they need to burn fat successfully. You will notice that it varies from the traditional fat burning techniques of sitting on a treadmill for hours on end and will give you far better results! Men and women both have as I’m sure you’re aware quite different body compositions, men are able to survive at a much lower body fat percentage than women, with women needing more fat to survive. The essential body fat for men is around 2% with many bodybuilders achieving 3-4% when in contest shape. The essential body fat for women is around 8% which is substantially higher. At this point abs are still very visible because women carry more fat on the breasts and organs which are essential for survival. To visualize body fat percentages here is a picture of a standard guy with 20% body ... Read More »

Simple Foods that will Help Aid Weight Loss.

Should I buy weight loss foods? In short, NO let me explain why. At the moment there is an overwhelming array of foods available that have been branded some sort of miracle weight loss food. Most of these are a tasteless, low fat alternative which on first glance may seem like it will work wonders for your waist yet on further inspection turns out they could widen it. A hot advertising feature is seemingly foods that contain no fat, however these often contain lots of ‘hidden’ carbs which are detrimental to weightless. Another problem with starting a very low calorie diet, which is thought by many as the way to go to lose weight is that the body will react to this sudden change by storing more fat, a so called ‘survival’ mode causing you to become lethargic and very unhealthy. Therefore stay clear of foods branded excellent for losing ... Read More »

Get Ripped and Toned for Summer

It’s almost Summer, at this time my focus and energy goes up as it’s almost the season for board shorts and any excuse to go around topless. It’s in these next couple months that you can really put in some hard work and reap results for the rest of the summer. So with most peoples primary focus to get ripped and toned what need to be done? Steps that need to be taken I’ve said it before but I will say it again, DIET has to be impeccable. I’m sure it’s been hard as it’s been Easter and copious amounts of chocolate have surely been on offer but the time for cutting out those excess fats and carbs has never been better. To keep your diet in check make sure you write down what you are going to eat each day, so you can shop for foods you need in ... Read More »

Foods that will help aid Weight Loss

Important fat burning tips When trying to burn fat it’s important to remember that skipping meals will only slow down your metabolism, making your health deteriorate. So avoid this, changing your diet alone will not cause you to suddenly lose loads of excess fat however when combined with a good cardiovascular programme it can work wonders. That being said some foods will naturally increase the body’s metabolism, so adapting your diet to include these foods is going to help you shed any excess weight. Foods that burn fat Citrus fruits high in Vitamin C – Oranges, limes, mangos all contain vitamin C which stimulates the carnitine amino acid, carnitine is involved in transporting fats around the body. The more free and mobile a fat is the easier it is oxidised. Apples – I have given Apples it’s own class because it contains a higher percentage of a substance called pectin, ... Read More »

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