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Motivation to lose weight

I’ve been thinking about motivation a lot recently after someone asked me what drives me to achieve my goals. I’ve thought about how I can put it into words that bare some meaning and are not just, ‘I want to do/achieve this so I do this.’ It’s turned out to be much harder than I thought.

In life a lot of the time we have to rationalise our decisions. I was having breakfast with my housemate and he said but why? when talking about what I want to achieve. I then replied,

‘what I want doesn’t need to be reasoned, if I’ve found my calling and my true passion surely I should do everything I can to make it a reality.’

I think this makes a good response to where I get my motivation from and what motivation exactly is, its a product of a desire that is beyond reason and stems from a passion for something. This can be to become a successful footballer, become affluent or be a humanitarian all of which will can have reason beyond reason.

How to Motivate yourself to lose weight

It’s all about the double V’s, visuals and visualisation. You need to ensure you mind is constantly reminded about what you want to achieve. This is where visuals come in, you need to know where you want to get to. You then need to have a visual of that goal. Then next thing you need to to is visualise that goal, this is when having a decent imagination comes in. Having that image of where you want to get to in your head is going to prove wonders in getting yourself into the gym and eating correctly.

Where to get your visuals from and how to take them in?

Personally I like to organise a powerpoint presentation that I can display on my computer first thing in the morning. Alternatively you could print out the images and have it in a booklet.

Motivation to lose weight

Then you need to fill it with things that drive you. Whether it be quotes, passages or pictures fill it up.

Another important visual aid is to track you own progress and always ensure you look at everything this a positive but critical attitude. An example of this can be weight changes and scale printouts as well as photos you take. If you are not already document your journey, I did by taking weight measurements of the scales when I first started working out because that is what I was trying to improve. I recommend doing exactly the same and pinning them up on your wall so when you walk past them everyday you can actually see your achievements in a quantifiable figure.

You are the only thing holding yourself back!

The final thing I am going to leave you with is that if you really want to achieve goals and be as motivated as you can possibly be then you have to make your desire become the driving force of your life. Napoleon Hill found that every successful entrepreneur had a mad drive to achieve something great and the same applies to you, you’ve just got to find it.

I can tell you all day how great it feel to achieve your weight loss goals and trust me it feels awesome but that isn’t going to motivate you as near as much as if you set your own goal which you are very passionate about. That’s where the real drive comes from.

Hope that helps and gives you some good motivation to lose weight.


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  1. I agree withg you staying fit is more about mental game rather than just physical. I believe if you set your priorities right and control your cravings for high calorie food than losing weight is not difficult. We just need to control our mind and focus on healthy routine.

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