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Why Working out your Legs is Important

You might be aware that in a lot of gyms including my own there is sometimes a lack of people doing squats and a surplus of people doing arms. Every now and then someone will do some heavy squats but it’s not that normal. It’s more usual to see people doing bicep curls, to get pump before going out on the town or going to the park. This may go against any inquisitive nature but working out your legs through squats and deadlifts will be better in the long run for building big arms than bicep curls themselves.

You might think I am making no sense but I will explain the process to you now. Doing squats is not just a leg workout, it’s puts your entire body under stress, working the lower back shoulders and lots of core. Studies have also shown that heavy squats promote the release of testosterone and growth hormones. This is one of the many reasons why Squats are considered to be one of the most vital exercises to gain muscle. So doing some heavy squats will help the rest of your gym routines as you will have a greater abundance of natural testosterone and give you great legs.

I am not saying you should substitute arm/back/chest workouts for squats but it’s important to remember the role they play. Another reason working out your legs is important is that your body will much prefer to increase in size uniformly. This furthermore stresses the importance of a good leg routine! It’s easy for people to leave legs out of a workout, you don’t see them as much in the mirror, girls are not impressed as much. Well you are wrong, having a out of proportion body makes you look, well…silly. So always train you legs with squats, deadlifts, leg extensions and lunges, will cause your body to grow in a uniform fashion by putting muscles in places you didn’t know muscle could exist. The release of more testosterone will aid the rest of your gym routines.

So as always your training should be split into complimenting muscle groups. Keep legs on their own and make sure you train hard, if your not exhausted try harder! Your other days can consist of chest/shoulders and back/biceps etc.

Remember your diet, a leg day is very tiring so make sure you have your during workout nutrition sorted. Take on some extra carbs before a leg session, they will help you a lot. If you have any questions please contact me on twitter @topfitnesstips. Or leave a comment below.


  1. I always work for my leg muscle in order to jump higher. I do plyometrics and some explosive workouts like lunges and box jump. I even do weighted box jump. I found it very effective with my goals of jumping higher but of course before doing this exercise, person should be well informed enough to avoid injuries or accidents.

  2. Front squats and single leg squats are just amazing for these type of results!

  3. do you have to work legs out alone? right now my work out consists of:
    Day 1 – Chest and Tri’s
    Day 2 – Back and Bi’s
    Day 3 – Shoulders and Legs

    • I like to work legs separately as the exercises are exceptionally exerting. Also like to spread workouts out a bit more, rest is important and precise diet should ensure muscle growth and little fat gain.

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