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How to Build Muscles during Vegan Bodybuilding

How to Build Muscles during Vegan Bodybuilding

Vegan bodybuilding is possibly a new term that you just heard of. It is a whole process of a healthy life and training. In the new era of living, from junkie food and unhealthy life, people are getting more aware about the quality of life that they are living, and luckily, they are searching the best options to build this pyramid of food on a new, but a better level. A good body shape is what we are all aiming for. All of us want to feel confident in the skin we’re living in it.

In every gym, there are plenty of programs of building muscles in various ways. The oldfashioned way is to use pills, stereoids, injections and to practice like crazy, just to get to the goal, the faster, the better. Usually, the result of using chemicals during the work out is so-called balloon body muscles, not looking natural at all. The point is, to define yourself and not to uglify. But,when it comes to our bodies, we are all our own masters.

According to their personal experiences , “the meat-eating lovers” were denying that there is no option or possibility, to reach out the same or even better result with a vegetarian diet, or to switch on the vegan frequency. From the many ‘’brave heroes”, they proved the contrary . In fact, they got bigger and stronger by choosing the vegan option.

The first reason why many people chose this, was that they wanted to switch on one of the most healthiest possible diet, and in the meantime to become a role model who will support the rights of animals. Second, building muscles on a plant-based diet can be so addictive and challenging, makes you different from the rest, making you a capable independent thinker without following the well-known path that many are following already. But also, you’re not endangering your health.

How to build muscles on the vegan way?

First, we have to know that everyone is different, but in the vegan world of living, there are few principles that match everyone, or known as: the laws of weight training. They are: progression, change, intensity and volume regeneration ,load and reps and as the last ones are – the exercises.

1. Progression

The most evident and the most important principle. The point is – how will you increase  your ability to lift more weights over time. You haven’t reached an improvement if you make for example 12 reps with 60kg now, and after few months you can lift the same weight for 12 reps, which not makes you stronger or else – you haven’t gained a muscle. The philosophy of the bodybuilding is: HOW you can continue to improve more and more? To help yourself, make a training diary ,so can check how far have you come, or do you have any progress at all. Having a log, is one of the main keys of progression.  We don’t remember everything, but by not increasing the level of your strength after a month, you’re doing something wrong.

2. Change

Beside the first key of progression – having a training diary, also a very important one is to make a change in your routine every now and then. If you are beginner in this, it’s all right to stick to your usual basic program for sometime, and no negative effects on your progression will be on it. But, if you are an advanced bodybuilder, the recommendation is to keep changing your working plan on every 4-8 weeks. With this, you are positively forcing your body to make space or to adapt the new situation by growth. Experts say, to not confuse things completely, but they advice that the plan for 6 weeks is the best solution, because the progression will be slower. The point is not to go from one program to another, because you might have but after 6 weeks of good results, the gains are getting smaller, and the adaption to a program will begin to slow down. Making a change, will bring a motivation in the new workout , where motivation is an important factor in any kind of activity.

3.Often is better

When training, for a better progression, balance the factors as: Frequency – frequency in regard to muscles. More often, bigger risk of overtraining. Not often, the muscle will get used again to the rest position, worst case atrophy. If you do them too much, or not too often, you’re putting your health in danger.

4. Intensity and volume 

A difficult point, but an important one.

Working hard as you can, and forcing the muscles to grow, in one way it has advantages, but the ache and burning or to be pumped, doesn’t have any kind of connection with growing. By the DC program for instance is recommended to work every muscle with one exercise and one set per session. At first look, it might seem a little, but the set is to be done with the maximum of intensity. Work 3 times per week, split your body in two, so every muscle will be trained in two weeks for 3 times.

5. Regeneration 

How much you will rest, is a key of progression too. Too much rest and the training won’t be what it should be.

When a muscle is confronted with stress which is new to him, it adapts to that. Later, it needs regeneration so it can after grow. A proper regeneration by one set is enough. Doing it with an extreme intensity will respond with a supercompensation. When you enter the gym, you can do more than the last time, and that’s why proper regeneration is about.

Vegan Bodybuilding

6. Load and reps 

What exactly is an increase in strength?

Since the last workout, you have the same weight, and you are doing more reps, it’s an increase.  You have more weight, and you are doing the same number of reps, it’s an increase, too.  When you increase the load, this is the key of a muscle volume, too.

To succeed in your goal, keep this four factors in your mind:

*Make a training log

*On every 4-8 weeks change your plan.

*Heavy and often workout

*Don’t mix high intensity with high volume or high frequency.

 The magical diet. How to gain a muscle on the vegetarian way.


Gaining pounds: 9 pounds

You need a blender, and ingredients. Oh, and don’t forget to blend your will with it, too.


– 5 cubes of ice
- one hand of frozen strawberries 
- one hand of spinach, fresh recommended – 2 spoons of a powder protein- vanilla taste – 2 Spoons of almond butter 
- 1 glass of an almond milk, unsweetened 
- 1/4 glass of a coconut grains

Step 2- Instead of home made pancakes or English breakfast  – every day eat a muscle breakfast.

Gaining pounds:  4pounds



1 Tbsp olive oil

1/2 cup white onion

2 cloves minced garlic

1/2 block medium firm tofu

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp dried thyme

1/2 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp sea salt

1 Tbsp water

2 Tbsp nutritional yeast

1/2 tsp black pepper

spinach, chopped, 1 put a slice of avocado on top of it, if you wish.

Let’s do it!

In a separate dish, combine all the ingredients with water, and set it aside.

– In a large tray, heat the olive oil on a medium heat, and for 5 min, put the garlic and the onion in the tray and cook for 5 min.

– Crumble the tofu in the pan and stir-fry for 8-10 minutes.

–  The spice/water mix pour over and add spinach boiling for 2 min

– Serve avocado on the top.


In the first month, drink the 3 super shakes every day, but in the second month, stick to this breakfast. In the meantime, you can do a workout too. You can work out as much as you want, but the main accent is on what you eat. Focus your program on compound exercises.

Fill out your water with a simple protein shake.

When you are drinking water, add some protein powder into it, and with every meal drink it. And there you go – you just gained 20 grams of protein.

Instead of oils, eat nuts and seeds.

Go to the market, the choice is big. Instead of salad with oil, but nuts, seeds or almonds in it with many proteins. From pumpkin seeds to almonds and hazelnuts, the choice is yours.


If you are not able that day to eat something from the program, supplements are always welcomed. Plants that have: zinc,  B12, selenium, Vitamin D, creatine, carnitine,  carnosine DHA/EPA from algae .

Instead of eating all the time broccoli, peppers, green salad etc, it is allowed to switch on grains such as: nuts, beans and seeds.

Cooked beans-Always!

Beans mean protein! Have them near you, make by yourself, but here are the good news: canned beans are allowed too!

Building muscles on the vegetarian way, it can be a new fresh start for you. Quitting from the meal –eating option and switching on to plant-eating program, it’s a great challenge for the people who will want to make muscles on this way.  From professionals to athletes, and ordinary people, we all choose how we will succeed our goal. It is worth trying, and at the end, we are not losing anything.

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  1. Build muscles vegan style is hard, but if you keep training you can achieve sucess. But remember that with a vegan diet, you will get less quality proteins in your diet. You will need diversify your sources of proteins

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