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Simple Steps to Gain lean Muscle

So many people have asked me, ‘How do I gain pure muscle?’ Building muscle mass seems to be a slightly mis-understood, this is probably down to the vast amount of information there is on the internet. There are plenty of different workout programs, supplements, and equipment out there to choose from. I must have spent hours reading and researching the subject, and I have summarised my findings into 7 simple ways to increase muscle mass.

1. Get in the Gym – If you want to increase the size of your muscles, then there is no other way about it, you need to get in the gym. Lifting weight is hands down the fastest way to gain size. When your muscles lift weights, they tear. The small tears in the muscle fibers causes the muscles to get stronger and stronger over time.

2. Eat that Protein – Protein and fundamental amino acids are the building blocks of muscle. In order to build muscle, you are going to need to consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Eating at least this quantity will ensure you have the right amount for optimum muscle growth.

3. Drink Water – Muscle cells are 80% water. You are going to need to keep your muscles saturated, in order for key metabolic processes to occur. So as a guideline drink about 4-5litres of water daily.

4. Take Creatine? – This supplement varies from person to person I have done an in depth post on it here. It gives your cells more energy so you can push yourself harder and gain bigger muscles.

5. Get Some Beauty Sleep – Muscles are torn when you are working out, and they grow when you are resting. Be sure to get at least 8 hours sleep a night, to give your muscles the chance to fully repair.

6. Before/After workout nutrition – Before and after your workout you have a window in which you need to fill the body with nutrients to suit requirements such as amino acids, and carbohydrates. Before a workout you want to take on some fats, carbs and protein for energy throughout your workout. After a workout you will be depleted of glycogen, so some simple carbs such as a banana will suffice in supplying you with some to replenish the ones used, as well as some more protein.

7. Take Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) – Branch Chain Amino Acids account for at least 35% of the protein needed for protein synthesis. If you are serious about gaining muscle mass and strength then you need to take a daily dose of amino acids.

So there you have it 7 quick easy to follow ways to ensure you will build lean, lasting muscle mass

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  1. This are good steps to follow, and if i use this steps it would be a great thing to do. Such good results will come out!

    • Thanks for the sharing but to be a professional bodybuilder you must have to use the supplements,
      1) Use the good one,
      2) Set your goals
      3) Regular exercise.
      That is the key to success and you also shared some nice tips like drink plenty of water, it is important too.

  2. Top 5 Exercises waste of time less fat more muscle is about make sure you get the most out of every workout you do. We do not like to see people at the gym doing exercise that they think will help them achieve a specific goal, when in fact they are wasting their time. Avoid exercise in wasted time. Succeeding in the exercise consists of two steps: Step 1: You need to have clear goals Step 2: You need to select exercises that achieve the goals you have set, for example, I’m sure everyone has been in the gym and I’ve seen someone doing abdominal crunches …. hundreds of them … however, still have a muffin top hanging over her jeans

  3. Sure this is not a process for a professional bodybuilder but for the common person I think there are here very pertinent tips and udefull information.

  4. These are great advices, but I would add two more: don’t give up and be patient. You won’t get big muscles in just two weeks going to the gym. Sculpt a great body takes months. Keep going to gym, stay focused. It might look hard in the first weeks, but 6, 7 months after you started, you will look and be proud of yourself.

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