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Sports that get you Ripped

Is there just one sport that is good for getting you ripped?

The truth is that if you take a sport seriously as long as it involves some cardiovascular exercise and you have a good diet you will get ripped it doesn’t actually matter what the sport is you are partaking in. A multitude of sports will infact be better than solely focusing on one sport. For instance running be it sprinting or endurance is a great way to get ripped. When you run you use a lot of core muscles, these help stabilise your upper body, so it’s not only your legs getting a good workout. You also burn a lot of calories running so it’s great for losing fat and getting ripped up! When running you use your legs and core, but you also want to make sure your arms are getting used. So you need another sport… how about swimming, it’s a complete full body workout and heavily involves your arms. By taking part in two disciplines you not only get ripped but you ensure your muscles work in harmony with each other. The point being there is not only one sport that gets you ripped. The more variety the better, this takes me to my next point, the benefit of multi sport training.

Remember take part in lot’s of sport

So in my example I have used swimming and running as sports that get you ripped. It’s probably more important that you take part in plenty of sports so that you use the entirety of your muscles. What is constantly overlooked is the importance of your body being able to withstand stresses when they are applied. As an example lets take Snowboarding, this involves a lot of balance, core stability and strong legs. Lets not forget the falls, which put pressure on your joints and bones. Snowboarding is both explosive and involves endurance so it is a good cardio workout that will get you ripped. Many people get injured snowboarding, they would be much less likely to if they have done a plethora of sports, running, swimming, cycling, rugby, climbing etc. Doing a multitude of sports builds up your ability to adapt to new stresses applied, reducing your likelihood of injury and increasing your overall strength.

Just going to the gym is not a answer either, it’s very hard to simulate stresses that a lot of sports give you. There are very few ways to replicate the impact of a tackle in rugby or a fall in snowboarding without actually doing it. So without further a-due if you don’t take part in a range of sports I urge you to try as you will reap many benefits.

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