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Steroids in Bodybuilding and the Fitness Industry

This coming weekend is the Mr Olympia competition that is held in Las Vegas. Men and women come from around the globe to show of their size, symmetry and conditioning which has taken them their entire lives to prepare for. They may only get 1 or 2 attempts to take the title and the $250’000 dollar prize money. (Edit – This post was set to publish while I was travelling but didn’t…. which is why the reference to the past tense)

Phil Heath,  Mr O

This competition is an untested competition so no matter how many kilo’s of steroids have been pumped into their system they can still compete.

These people devote their lives to become freaks of nature which I find impressive and personally look forward to the olympia competitions each year. The first thing worth mentioning is the way in which they influence the world’s view on bodybuilding. It’s easy for the public to label people keen on fitness as roiders as they instantly assume to get results you need steroids. This is probably because they went to the gym a few times a week and saw no gains….

I was once approached by two guys asking if they could get me some juice….. It was the proudest moment of my life ha! I told them no roids just rage and sent them on their way anyway back to topic.

So they instantly cast a slight shadow on the fitness and bodybuilding industry, another issue is the fact that they endorse all sorts of supplements. These range from proteins, through to creatine, CLA, HMB etc. This entices loads of people to spend hundreds if not thousands on supplements that will not work as they are not being taught fundamentals. I was certainly fooled when I was a lot younger. It also gives a bad impression of the supplements to people in the outside world. Even to this day when I leave the gym chugging some protein shake you can see people look with at your with disgust as i’m drinking some mutating substance.

What if steroids were banned?

This would be an interesting but not that surprising scenario. If no bodybuilders could take steroids would the same person win the competition, hell yes. These guys are genetic anomalies, and naturally will be overtly muscular. Take Ronnie Coleman for example, he worked as a policeman in Texas and casually trained over many years be it said but before taking any performance enchancing drugs or intense exercise and nutrition programs this what he looked like.

To get to that size for most people is impossible naturally and you can quickly tell why as soon as he became a professional bodybuilder he become this monster…

The whole point of bodybuilding is size and pictures that blow peoples minds. The sport would have had a much different effect on the world without the use of steroids. So in my view yes they set a bad example and trick people into thinking steroids are a wonder drug that can make you into a successful bodybuilder overnight… they can’t.

Steroids in the Fitness Industry

This is a much more important topic

The fitness industry is now a multi billion dollar industry that has made a lot of people very very rich. A lot of this is to do with sales of X,Y,Z that promise results in both weight loss and muscle gains. There is always an amazing figurehead who says I did this for 10 weeks and lost 100 lb’s and gained muscle etc…. you know the usual bullshit.

In order to make a lot of money and make an impression an astounding physique is usually required and a lot of the time will be the result of a steroid. This is a famous interview with a fitness model called Christian Boeving who admits to using steroids and says people would be stupid if they didn’t think he was on something else besides the protein supplement he is promoting. He was instantly fired by his sponsor Muscletech.

The most dangerous side however is the women’s conditioning sector. Bikini and figure models are supposed to demonstrate an active healthy lifestyle. One thing is for sure steroid use does not come in a “healthy lifestyle” with it well documented that it can cause a huge array of heath impediments. Again the only motivation for doing this is the large pay check at the end of each month.

The healthiest way to involve fitness in your life is to incorporate it and not let it consume you and push you to the point where steroids become a viable option.

Stay natural, over and out!

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