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It’s all Just Advice….

When it comes to fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss etc there is no correct answer!

If you browse the web on how to build muscle you will come across a plethora of different advice telling you how to build muscle. Some people recommend eating less frequently than others, varying amounts of carbs proteins etc.

Then there are those who say you should intermittently fast, then others saying you should eat at all times of the day and wake up in the middle of the night etc.

Some of this information is simply regurgitated for the sake of it. Some of it is also out of date, for instance a few posts from my past are now slightly inaccurate as i’ve since improved and optimised my routines and diet. I am going to put in little notes saying what I now think on these old posts however they are important as a sense of progress and it’s interesting to look back on my past self.

You can then look at the people who are giving the advice and people from both sides of the spectrum have incredible bodies.

I was talking to a friend who was saying she now no longer eats meat. I was like what are you crazy, she though finds shes actually got stronger and fitter. Just because everyone says you need to do this and that doesn’t mean you have to.

The reason for this trend is that there has been NO scientific study to find a answer because its just an impossible study to conduct. We obviously know you need energy and nutrients from food and you will have to exercise in some form or another. You can get energy from all sorts of different foods and exercise in all sorts of ways so this means:


Such a cliche I know however you need to choose a routine to follow, do it and record the results if it works great keep on using it. If not change it and then look to another one and try again.

That being said of course my advice is the best ha! I just felt like I should point that out.

Cheers now!

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