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3 Brilliant ways to destroy yourself in the gym

Numero Uno

This guys deadlift form is second to everyone in the history of the human race. I’m not sure if you could have worse form, lets commend him for giving himself probable chronic scoliosis and other back issues for life. If your deadlifting technique resembles this in any way I suggest starting from scratch.

Numero dos

These idiots first of all are trying to squat 140kg which is probably 10 times their bodyweight they are skinny as s**t and are wearing faggoty gym wear. Mute the video and watch how not to lift weights, yeah you should be pushing yourself but this is just retarded. The spotter also is of no use to anyone, in a squat you gotta bear hug your bro when he’s lifting heavy weights not prance around. Another thing is his lifting belt is far too big, please don’t be like these guys in the gym. Onwards.

Numero tres 

Benching near your max is daunting as you have to lower a lot of weight over your chest, all the time thinking if i drop this I am going to snap shit up. A simple fundamental is to have your hands wrapped around the bar…. Not for this guy who decided he preferred a suicide grip.

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