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Foods to avoid when dieting

Foods to avoid when dieting

Foods to avoid when dieting and getting toned abs

Diet is the single most important thing when it comes to shedding those pounds. Spending 1hour a day doing cardio and 12 hours a day eating, excuse the french sh*t isn’t going to get you those lean, toned abs. When it comes the the foods to avoid when dieting some will cause more harm than good. These can be split into 2 categories, high fat and high GI index. Lets have a look at some foods in the high fat category.

Foods to avoid while dieting – High Fat Foods

Unless you are going on the Paleo diet then high fat foods are something you should be staying away from. Why? Fat contains a huge amount of calories per g, 2.25x as much as carbohydrate or protein. It will also occupy far less space in your stomach making your body think that it needs more food. This leads to hunger cravings, a huge obstacle when it comes to anyones weight loss journey. So what kind of foods come under this category?

  • Pork – Naturally a very fatty meat, pork chops have a huge amount of fat on them and even when trimmed have too much for our liking. Best to avoid this meat, also the protein in the meat is lower on the biological scale than chicken and tuna.
  • Mince Beef – If you don’t take particular care over your mince beef you may be being sold a portion that contains a huge amount of fat in it. Mince beef is pretty much all the off cuts of the cow, mashed together, sounds appetising! Next time you get your mince beef be sure to ask for lean but preferably an extra lean cut.
  • Cream/Milk/Butter – These dairy products contain large amounts of fat and lactose neither of which are going to be particularly useful when it comes to losing weight! Avoid them!

So in summary any food high in fat are some of the top foods to avoid when dieting.

foods to avoid when dieting

Foods to avoid when dieting – High GI Foods

The glycemic index is a measure of how fast foods are broken down into their constituents. This is only applicable to carbohydrates, which are  broken down into glucose molecules which can either be used as energy in respiration or stored in the liver as glycogen or finally converted to fat. Now the word store is dangerous when it comes to losing weight, as we want to get rid of everything our bodies have been storing. So we don’t want our carbs to release all their energy at once, here are a few to avoid.

  • White pasta/rice – Both contain high GI carbs which are broken down quickly giving you a surge in energy followed by a lul. It’s going to lead to again cravings being higher and more fat storage certainly one to avoid.
  • Refined sugar – Sugar in general should be scrapped from your diet, it is only going to reduce your rate of weight loss.
  • Fruit Juice – Yes fruit contains loads of vitamins and minerals but it the juices are just high in sugar and contain little to no fibre. Swap out juice for an apple and orange a day and remember not to over consume as the sugar in them can again lead to fat storage.

Finally some misc items you should avoid.

Calories in 1 shot of vodka

In vodka that is 40% by volume ethanol there are 109kcals. In a double shot there are over 200!! You can quickly see how all those drinks you had last friday night are adding to your abs now! Avoid alcohol whenever possible, obviously one needs a social life but be restrictive as there are few things in life more valuable than your health!


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