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Finding the right Protein shake.

Finding the right Protein shake.

Hey guys, so protein…. A vital aspect in both recovery and growth but which one is best for you?

As I am sure you are aware, the diversity in types and brands of protein supplements is huge. This can also be said with the pricing, with some brands ‘Whey’ protein being 5x more expensive than the next. The pricing is often to do with a monopoly effect, some brands have established themselves therefore they can charge more for their products i.e. Maximuscle. Protein powders and supplements are often seen to be only used by bodybuilders, the truth is they are used by triathletes, tennis players, rugby players…etc the list could go on for hours. The type of protein supplement they are taking will however be different.

Subsequently having a protein shake is no longer only for men, it’s become very trendy for women to have a ‘toning’ shake. Maximuscle have a good example of this with their Promax Diet, which they claim aids weight loss. So on to finding a supplement that is going to suit you! Firstly you need to establish why you are going to take protein, do you want to increase your aerobic fitness? Gain lean mass? Gain mass and weight? Lose weight? It is also important that you have a training regime, taking a supplement without training is only going to give you unwanted fat. If you are in need of a training programme check out my workouts section. Right so here are the main categories:

  1. Whey Protein – Whey is a simple form of Protein, it’s a mixture of globular proteins that have been isolated from Whey (The liquid by product from cheese formation). These shakes will should contain no carbohydrates with protein usually in the ratio of 20grams of protein to a 25gram scoop. This shake that will aid recovery after a long run, which will mean you can train harder and more often thus increasing your fitness. This will also help build muscle when used with a strength programme. Due to the basicity of Whey there is little difference between brands, maybe except for the taste. If the taste is not important then go for the best value Whey, if it is then i recommend you try PHD Pharma Whey. I have used them for over a year and can’t praise them enough. I recommend these shakes to beginners who have not taken supplements before.
  2. All in one – These do what they say on the tin, incorporating all vital aspects of nutrition in one shake. They usually contain, carbohydrates, Protein some fats and often include additives such as creatine and BCAA’s. These are great as a pre workout shake as they will give you the energy and protein you need, the additives such as creatine will help push out a few more reps. (Please see my post on creatine) I recommend these to people who need more energy during their workouts.
  3. High Calorie Gainers – A shake that contains huge amount of calories >1000 mainly in the forms of sugars and fats. If your looking to put mass on fast, these could help you. I personally don’t recommend them, they taste horrible and can make you feel ill. They are usually only used occasionally by well established body builders.

Remember Protein shakes are not a substitute for meals, they are just more convenient and give a fast supply of nutrients. Please check out my other posts to find ideas on some healthy foods, that will help you achieve your goals.

If you want any advice please post in the comment section below.

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