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Motivation and Pump up tips

How important is your mindset when you exercise?

In some respects is as important as your diet and the way you exercise. I’m sure you’ve had a day where you just can’t find any motivation to get out and train, you have nothing better to do and no excuse yet you just can’t seem to muster the energy to bring yourself to do it. When these days they come around they are a pain however I hope these couple of tips will get you through them and get on with your exercise.

The first thing is, to as much of an extent as possible write a plan of your day, with the goals you wish to achieve and when you want to achieve them. Following a set schedule is better than making one up as you go along as psychologically it’s easier to waver and tell yourself you will just do it later.

Second thing keep reminding yourself of why you are doing what you are doing, I did a post on how to get really motivated and achieve your goals I suggest you read that here.

What about when you are exercising?

This is another vital factor as the mindset and drive you have when you exercise is going to determine how hard and far you can push yourself. It’s very well getting in the mind set before, however this is only the first step. When your in a gym for instance you will notice lots of people will have headphones in, music is a great tool for getting really fired up. Everyone has their own personal preference, so find some songs that really get you pumped and listen to them while you exercise. If you are struggling for ideas here are some of my favourties, as you will see I have a very eclectic taste of music:

Ok those should hopefully give you some ideas.

You will find when you are truely fired up with your heart almost racing you will be able to lift a lot more and for a lot longer. It’s quite obscene how much of sports and exercise is down to your mindset and it’s importance is sometimes overlooked.

I hope you found the post helpful please ‘like’ the page and leave a comment insulting my taste of music or agreeing with it or anything else you would like to add.


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