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What Makes you Healthy!

What Makes you Healthy!

What is the basis for a healthy person? There is an old adage that you are what you eat. While eating right is one aspect of a healthy lifestyle, obviously there are more factors that contribute to the overall well being of an individual. Since we all want to look and feel our very best, let’s examine the basic building blocks of a healthy person.

It goes without saying that diet is an important factor. You’ve probably seen documentaries on the ill effects of fast food. Maybe you try to avoid things like high fructose corn syrup. Your health may require you to be on an even more restrictive diet due to allergies. Whatever your situation is, eating healthy foods in the right amounts is definitely a key to health. While a proper diet is different from person to person, something everyone has in common is that we need fresh fruits and vegetables, and many of us don’t get enough of them.

Another necessary part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise. It is vital to have a good exercise routine in order to maintain a healthy weight, a needed amount of physical strength, and strong a cardiovascular system. Even our mental outlook is adjusted by exercise, and not just because we feel better about the way we look after a months of regular exercise. The actual act of exercise release hormones in the body that produce good feelings. That’s why doctors often prescribe a healthy dose of daily exercise to accompany any necessary medication if a person is chronically depressed.

Wouldn’t you agree that in order for a person to be truly considered healthy we have to include emotional health? Proper diet and exercise both play a vital role in this. Having a positive outlet to relieve stress is just another vital aspect of a healthy lifestyle. For some, a daily jog can be such an outlet. You may feel the need to do something creative. Proper recreation that refreshes a person instead of wearing them out contributes to good overall health. You are what you eat mentally as well as physically, so we need to limit mental junk food, just as we wouldn’t eat candy as a meal and expect to feel good later.

Proper diet, exercise, and recreation are all part of the foundation of a healthy person. By working at these three aspects of life, an individual can reach their full potential and feel good about themselves. So don’t wait until tomorrow. Start building a healthy lifestyle today.

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