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Simple Foods that will Help Aid Weight Loss.

Should I buy weight loss foods?

In short, NO let me explain why. At the moment there is an overwhelming array of foods available that have been branded some sort of miracle weight loss food. Most of these are a tasteless, low fat alternative which on first glance may seem like it will work wonders for your waist yet on further inspection turns out they could widen it. A hot advertising feature is seemingly foods that contain no fat, however these often contain lots of ‘hidden’ carbs which are detrimental to weightless. Another problem with starting a very low calorie diet, which is thought by many as the way to go to lose weight is that the body will react to this sudden change by storing more fat, a so called ‘survival’ mode causing you to become lethargic and very unhealthy. Therefore stay clear of foods branded excellent for losing weight, what you need to do is to find substitutes for foods you are already eating.

Here I will run through some simple foods that will help change the way you eat and the way you look.

  • Ultimate Vegetable: Broccoli is probably the best vegetable to should endeavour to consume on a regular basis, Broccoli is packed with vitamin C, potassium, calcium, fiber and even anti-cancer phytonutrients. It’s very low in calories yet high in nutrients so it will keep you healthy.
  • King Fish: Tuna or mackerel is probably the best fish to eat, both have an exceptionally high level of protein, good for recovery and muscle growth. They also contain lots of omega-3 fats which are very important for hormone development and heart function.
  • Super Carbs: Whole wheat noodles. Carbohydrates are often deemed to stop weight loss, this may be true for simply carbohydrates in chocolate and crisps but without carbohydrate as an energy source your body will not be able to function efficiently. Wheat noodles have special benefits over pasta in the fact they supply you with magnesium and vitamin B.
  • Best meat: Turkey breast has the highest percentage of protein per gram and the lowest amount of fat per gram, making it the leanest meat and most suitable for weight loss.
  • Top cheese: Cottage cheese is not like regular cheese, it has very little fat and a high amount of protein. It’s an excellent snacking alternative and must be considered for anyone wanting to lose weight.
  • How to eat out: If you are unable to to avoid a restaurant meal then you should look to find a dish that has lots of vegetables and lean meats. Such examples would be steak with new potatoes and salad, or foods such as Sushi. Sushi is low in calories, high in nutrients great for helping weight loss.

Don’t forget

Other important things to remember is that in order to achieve great weight loss results you need to embark on some physical exercise. At least 4 times a week you should be doing some form of aerobic exercise, this can be running, walking, swimming etc. Water is a vital part of our body, without it we could not function, it plays a key role in fat oxidation and weight loss processes so make sure you are hydrated throughout the day.


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