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Improving your Fitness

Improve your fitness

Right so improving your fitness, lets get one thing straight it’s not going to be as enjoyable as lifting weights. It’s harder to see physical improvements, you will not get bulging veins like you do when you lift weights. Well that’s not entirely true, what I should have said was at first it might not be enjoyable, I personally love increasing my fitness. Why? Well once you get into it your body starts releasing a hormones called endorphins, which to be frank are ‘feel good’ hormones. The more you do it the more of these you are going to get.

So that being said what steps do you need to take?

  1. Record everything
    You need to make sure you keep a record of what you are doing, so get a pen and paper and write down what you want to achieve for the week. Set goals, at first very attainable ones, make sure you reach them. An example of this would be: Run on the treadmill for 15mins with my heart rate at 150, or at an average speed of 6mph.
  2. Amend your diet
    ‘You are what you eat.’ Ok so it’s a massive cliche but it couldn’t be more correct. If you are serious about increasing you fitness then you need to make sure your diet is top notch. So no alcohol, red wine having antioxidants is not a reasonable argument and chocolate being ‘good for you’ is also invalid. For starters get rid of both of them and visit my nutrition section.

Right so there is one final thing, final but very important. You need to get outside and run, swim, cycle, walk, rock climb, you name it any physical exertion is going to get you fit the more the merrier. I recommend sticking to running, swimming, cycling and walking. Training in a multi discipline way is going to keep your balance and muscles well adapted.

Instead of using a car, use a push bike or walk. Try and fit in exercise at any free moment you have and you will notice a massive increase in fitness. You can read about it all day but you really need to go out and do it!

Have fun guys, don’t forget you can ask any questions in the comment below.

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