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Fast Weight loss Tips and Advice

Fast Weight LossFollowing the roots of the website, Strength and Fitness TIPS today I am going to give you some tips for your arsenal to help you withΒ fast weight loss. These tips can really help everyone in any situation, even if your primary goal isn’t to lose weight but just to remain healthy. Losing weight doesn’t mean you need to make massive sacrifices and live in an unhealthy manner, you simply need to be able to use your time and diet effectively. Following these 15 tips will allow you to healthily achieve fast weight loss.

Fast Weight Loss Tips

Fast Weight Loss Tip 1 – Calorie Count

You need to appreciate how many calories each food you consume contains. For instance 1g of fat contains 2.5 times the number of calories as 1g of carbohydrate. I suggest making a list of foods and what calories they contain, this way you can plan your daily diet to suit your calorie intake. Counting your calories still means you can eat some fat, however you must appreciate you will have to eat less and this will leave you hungry even though your calorie intake has been justified.

Fast Weight Loss Tip 2 – Don’t forget to eat

Our bodies are able to adapt very well, if you eat too little and irregularly you will simply start storing everything you eat as you guessed it fat. You will become very tired and weight loss will be very negligible, this is a common cause for people failing at fast weight loss. It’s much better to eat small portions throughout the day than the occasional larger meals.

Fast Weight Loss Tip 3 – Eat your Vegetables

I’ve never seen a diet that doesn’t recommend this and for good reason. Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and roughage to ensure healthy digestion. They contain a minimal amount of calories and are great for bulking out your meals. I would recommend at least 50% of your meal should be vegetables.

Fast Weight Loss Tip 4 – Don’t forget to Drink……….Water

Fast weight loss can’t be achieved without suitable quantities of water, both in the USA and UK it’s recommended to drink 8 x250ml glasses a day. Research has shown that water will help fat oxidation and subsequently weight loss. Obviously don’t over do it, just ensure you drink with every meal and remain hydrated.

Fast Weight Loss Tip 5 – Get Busy

Not many things have ever been achieved sitting on a sofa watching television. Try and make your life as active as possible, jump at any opportunity to exercise. If you need to go to the shop half a mile away walk instead of driving. Use you initiative in order to make you day more exercise intensive.

Fast Weight Loss Tip 6 – Snack Well

I can’t recommend snacking but it’s not the end of the world if you do snack, on the right foods of course. Traditional snacks are often high in fats and calories, you have to stay well clear of these. If you must snack, get some healthy alternatives like humous and carrot sticks.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 7 – A 30 minute run does not equal a Cookie

It’s good to reward yourself, however completing a modest 30min run does not to give you an excuse to eat a huge cookie. Cookies contain a vast amount of calories, running does burn a lot but less than you would expect. Let’s get down to some figures, the average person running will burn 600-700 calories depending on weight and fitness. This means in 30 minutes you will only burn 350 calories max! A cookie will often contain around 500, resulting in a surplus of calories leaving you with weight gain and not weight loss.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 8 – Don’t weigh yourself everyday

A big mistake many people have is thinking they will lose weight everyday. An issue with this is that you will be at varying hydration levels giving you a +/- figure of your round about weight. It’s much better to weigh yourself once a week at the same time of day preferentially morning to give a more accurate weight loss speed. A good rate for fast weight loss is losing around 3-4 lb’s a week. Any more than this will be unhealthy.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 9 – Watch out for Caffeine

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and does help increase the metabolism however it’s usually administered with fatty or sugary substances such as milk. Cappacinos for instance contain caffeine but the also contain a lot of milk and sometimes chocolate. These have a greater effect than the caffeine and will not help fast weight loss.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 10 – Ready Meals

With lives being very hectic, convenience is bliss. There are plenty of ‘low fat, low calorie’ meals, only requiring you to stick in the microwave for 10 mins. Notice how I used my inverted commas…. These ready meals often give you false promises and are lavished in fatty dressings. There is no substitute to cooking your own meals, just because your busy doesn’t mean you can’t cook. I highly doubt anyone is too busy to say this. Simply cook your daily meals when you get up in the morning and have a nice supply of Tupperware in which you can store it. This saves you time throughout your day and not forgetting countless dollar!

Fast Weight Loss Tips 11 – Look for the long term

Weight loss is not to be seen as short term thing. If you are a little overweight think back to how long it took you to put that weight on. I can assure you did not gain 10kg after 1 week’s indulgence. Set a goal each week what you wish to lose and within the range of 1-3/4lb’s. Don’t set crazy ones like 10lb’s in a week this is unattainable, keep them simply so you can keep achieving them.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 12 – Alcohol

If you are a fan of having a bit of tipple now and then then it’s important to note how this will effect your diet. Don’t kid yourself with the reasoning, ‘Red Wine is good for me blah blah.’ Wine contain lots of sugars and in turn lots of calories. You will be surprised at how calorific alcohol is. It also reduces the speed in which your body metabolises fat. So in short, if you can limit your intake of it as much as possible while remaining social.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 13 – Discover what works for you

In order to achieve fast weight loss you may need to discover a diet that you have not read about before. Not everyones body is the same, and rarely will we react to things the same. In order for you to get the fastest weight loss you may need to try out foods and exercises not recommended before as they may help you lose weight more effectively.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 14 – Gain Muscle?

Anyone looking for fast weight loss must undoubtedly be performing exercise. What is commonly overlooked is the effect muscle can have on weight loss. Building and repairing muscle requires calories and nutrients, it also requires calories in order to do the exercises. Therefore don’t overlook lifting some weights, don’t worry you will not turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger, you will simply become a stronger more toned person.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 15 – Cardio Cardio Cardio

You have to exercise, it’s just as important as dieting correctly. It’s must be in the cardiovascular region which is when your heart rate is at 65% of it’s maximum. I recommend starting off with at least 30minutes of exercise per day.

I hope you found these tips useful, if you have any of your own I would love to hear from you and I will add them to this post giving you full recognition.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Hello Will, great article and some very interesting tips.
    I was amazed of how many people skip the vegetables, and sometimes even take out the exercising from the equation when trying to lose weight.

    Many rely on just dieting, and most of the diets you find around the internet could potentially do more bad than good, or even the opposite, making you gain weight.

    It’s indeed hard in our hectic lifestyles to find a balance between healthy dieting and periodic exercise, but that’s the only way to lose weight and assure that it also stays that way.

    I’d love to read more from you. I like your writing style.

    Vicky Repas, Skin Vitality adviser

    • Thanks Vicky, yeah it’s mad isn’t it. I’m glad you like it, I’m trying to post very regularly so hopefully you will have plenty more to read.

  2. Hi Will! A great guide u have written here! I think this is the best way to lose weight the healthy way and can only recommend what u have put together. It took me lots of time to gatter all the infos and would have realy been happy if i had found a website that had all the good infos on one page. I am sure people can and will benefit from this if they stick to the plan. :)

    Some thoughts:

    Counting calories is the best way to monitor ur calorie intake limit a day and therefore its a good thing if u have a food (scale?) at home to not exceed the amount of calories u have estimated. 100g salad just dont look thesame like 100g potatoes. :) To estimate the calories needed for you to lose weight u can find tons of calculators on the web. If u do some research u will find some good calcs to help u estimate the amount of calories needed to hold your current weight. Now to lose weight healthy u should try to go 1/3 under this amount. The calc i use tells me i need at least 4006 cal to hold my weight. Thats very possible since i am very active and got some hard work daytimes. now if i want to lose weight i do the following calculation:

    4006 / 100 x 33 = 1321.98 cal

    1321.98 cal is the amount i need to reduce a day. :

    4006 – 1321.98 = 2684 cal.

    2684 cal is the cal limit per day for me if i would want to reduce weight healthy.

    Tip 2:
    This is a very good and important point. If we eat to irregularly , our body switches in some kind of a survival mode and slows down metabolism. Aswell it decreases the energy being delivered to your body what will make it hard for anybody to lose weight. Best thing to do is splitting it up to 5 meals per day so our body/brain stores the information that food comes regularly. This will help speed up metabolism and give a a good chunk of extra energy by what ever you do.

    Tip 4:
    Another thing i also need to do more often but i am on a good way. πŸ˜€ Personaly its not easy for me to drink the amount needed a day because i was used to drink lots of fruit juices before i stared to take my nutrition plan serious. So i went to the market and bought water with a bit of taste (infusion) added. Its still not optimal but shurely better than all the shugar u get from juices. Something i def. can recommend to anybody else who got problem drinking clear water. This change will help reduce a good amount of calories and getting used to clear water more easy.

    As a aditional weight loss tip i would specially take a eye on the carbs u take to yourself daytimes. longchained carbs help to reduce ur hunger so u wount feel bad if u follow the 5 meal split. My personal experience showed me some great results by reducing carbs after lunchtime and taking more protein based food instead. A good portion carbs in the morning when u get up, some carbs at lunchtime mixed with protein snacks at 9am/15pm should give enough energy for you to master the day. Best thing to do is stop eating carbs after 8pm. This is based on my own experience. Its possible to lose weight and still feel well. losing weight doesent have to be a pain if patience is there. Follow the strength and fitness guide and the first results will come pretty fast. :)

  3. Veggies are great for getting nutrition and nutrients without the calories. I find that adding a little fat in the form of nuts helps blunt the GI response and also provides some needed calories.

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