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5 Superfoods for weight loss

5 Superfoods for weight loss

Super foods for weightloss – Shed the Pounds fast in 2013

So 2013 is amongst us, I am sure I speak on everyone’s behalf when I say we may have over indulged just a bit. Right I just want to make it clear I am completely against fad diets and NO starving yourself is not the key to losing weight. I just want to point out some healthy superfoods for weight loss that you should be eating to make your weight loss journey a healthy one.

Anyone who is overweight has undoubtedly tried to lose weight at some point many struggle due to cravings, tiredness and just unable to maintain eating boring foods. We one advantage to eating superfoods is that they taste great and psychologically give you a massive boost because of all the hype behind them. You’ve got to remember how powerful the mind really is when it comes to anything, if you don’t believe it you can’t achieve it.

So here are some brilliant superfoods for weight loss that ensure you have all the vital nutrients your body needs to lose weight.

Top 5 super foods for weight loss

  • BlueBerries – They work well with almost any food and taste brilliant when added to your porridge and kickstart your day. They contain lots of vitamin C and a whole host  of antioxidants. superfoods for weight loss
  • Tomatoes – Again another excellent source of vitamin C and A as well as fiber and more anti oxidants. These are brilliant for making meals tastier and contain almost no calories so you can eat plenty and fill yourself up but not go over your calorific requirement for the day. tomat
  • Spinach –  If you’ve ever seen the childrens cartoon Popeye you will know he recommends spinach to get big and strong. Well it’s hard to get muscly from it but he was sure right in saying it’s good for you. It contains vitamin A, B, C and K as well as Iron. This is particularly important for women as due to menstruation many women are in fact anaemic and they didn’t know it. By eating lots of spinach you will ensure you have plenty of Iron in your body to keep your Haemoglobin happy and you weight loss healthy. Spinach is by far one of the top superfoods for weight loss. spinahc
  • Walnuts – You can’t loose weight if you are not eating protein, and walnuts contain all the essential ones as well as some healthy omega-3 fats. They are also great to promote a good nights sleep which is also very important for weightloss. This is because they contain melatonin in bio-available form. This promotes relaxation and a deeper REM sleep.walls
  • Garlic – Not the best thing if you are going out on a date but it is a great superfood for weight loss nonetheless. Garlic is known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and definitely something to include in your meals on a regular basis. garlic

I hope that has given you some great ideas for superfoods which you should be including in your diet but not solely eating them. Remember variation is key when it comes to weight loss. Why not check out the benefits of acai berries for weight loss.


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