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Kim Kardashian Diet

Kim Kardashian DietKim Kardashian Diet Exposed

Seeing as I recently covered Chris Evan’s Workout I was advised to do a similar scoop on a female celebrity and I chose the Kim Kardashian diet. Why? Well for starters she often is described as one of the most, ‘curvaceous’ women on around. She works hard in her entrepreneurial ventures and also in the gym and kitchen in order to obtain a very desirable physique.

Kim has often been heard and quoted saying, ‘if I want to eat something then I eat it.’ Which I believe is her trying to bring her physique into the real world. You have to take this with a pinch of salt, publicists will tell her to say what the public want her to hear. Saying a remark like this makes her much more down to earth and appealing to the public eye. She may eat that slice of cake once a week but not whenever she feels like it. For you to get the same results as Kim and use the Kim Kardasian diet effectively then you need to ensure you stick very closely to your diet plan.

Kim Kardashian did expose how she had recently changed her diet and the ingredients of the original diet are quite shocking. It involved coffee with whipped cream, cupcakes, ice cream, and little vegetables. This was exposed on her MTV show and since then has changed it to a much less calorific diet allowing her to maintain a fantastic figure.

Kim Kardashian Diet – Breakfast

  • Oatmeal
  • Banana

Breakfast is as always one of the most important meals of the day, in the Kim Kardashian diet she has a cup of oatmeal. She uses this so she has a sustained energy release throughout her morning, it’s also high in beta glucan which reduces cholesterol. The banana is then used for an instant energy release as well as providing vitamins and minerals.

Kim Kardashian Diet – Lunch

  • Salad
  • Form of protein – Chicken/Tuna/Turkey
  • Yoghurt and some fruit

After setting herself up with a good breakfast Kim likes to keep things healthy at lunch. In this meal she has some protein which is great for repairing muscle tissue, and good for toning the body. Salads are full of nutrients and roughage great at supplying you with your daily recommended nutrient intake. The yoghurt contains plenty of bacteria which help aid digestion, it’s also a form of sugar which is of course an energy resource.

Kim Kardashian Diet – Dinner

  • Fish -Tuna/Mackerel/Sea bass/Salmon
  • Vegetables
  • Green Tea

Fish contains lots of omega fats, which are great for maintain good brain function and keeping your hair shiny! You can have an array of fish but watch out mackerel in oil is very calorific so I suggest getting it preserved in water, even better would be to get if fresh. What ever your budget and conveniences allow for really. Vegetables again, a great way to get lots of nutrients and fill yourself up while not consume too many calories. Kim also takes a Green tea before bed, loaded with antioxidants this tea has been drunk for centuries to maintain a healthy well being.

That’s the Kim Kardashian Diet for you, as you can see she likes to keep it nice and simple. Her overall calorie intake is around 1600 which allows her to maintain the notorious curvy physique. If she snacks she likes to keep sliced vegetables such as carrots handy and will coat them in a low calorie dressing.

If you would like any further advice on how you can achieve the body of Kim Kardashian then leave a comment below and I will give you a solution.


  1. It seems like all her diet for lunch and dinner doesn’t involve in eating rice, most are vegetables. Well, my wife won’t be able to take that because she will be damn hungry for food :( but anyway Tuna and salmon would be a good choice for dinner.

  2. I was wondering how long will at taketo get a nice body while eating this and working out because I want a hardbody in month or so

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