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Do Testosterone Boosters Work

This is response to this email:

“Hi Will, I’m in my late 30’s and want to put on some muscle, my body used to respond to weights better when I was younger and gains at the minute are coming very slowly. Can you recommend any testosterone boosters and will this increase my rate of muscle gains?” – I thought why not doa post discussing my views on whether testosterone boosters are worth it.

I picked this one out as about 5 months ago I had a free sample of some tribulus which is supposed to be a natural extract that increases your testosterone level.

First off I have to say take everything you see and hear from the supplement industry with a pinch of salt. Testosterone boosters/sex boosters are sold because they know the target market is likely to be desperate and have some spare cash lying around. This gives them the opportunity to get high profile endorsements etc etc. The fact that many of these ‘remedies’ are herbal means they can put whatever they want in the bottle call it a proprietary blend when in fact they are just inert substances.

Do testosterone boosters work? – The Facts

Males will have a pre made genetic make up which will determine naturally how much testosterone their bodies will produce. This is in the range of 260 -1080 ng/dl but people will complain about a low T level anywhere under 500ng/dl. More testosterone generally means more muscle mass that your body can produce and the the faster it can produce it. So can we increase this level naturally without the use of synthetic steroids?

Lets first take a look at the Tribulus terrestris I had access to, the brand was from optimum nutrition which I highly recommend and use all their other wheys and carbohydrate based products. With a big amount of trust in the brand I researched the compound for side effects, blah blah you name it.

do testosterone boosters work

I came across a number of studies (1,2) and neither said there was any evidence for any increase in testosterone levels in the body. Even less inspiring was the fact this was said to be a waste of time on people under the age of 35, nonetheless I thought why not try it any way. The first night I took it I thought I had accidentally been given viagra…..

So aside from the libido boost do testosterone boosters work for muscle gains?

I can sadly say I did not feel any increased strength and neither any rapid movements in the rate of muscle growth.

I didn’t however have any measurements of my testosterone levels so I can’t say if it adjusted them or not. Funny enough Greg Plitt recommends using tribulus and he is shredded as f**k!


If you are looking to increase your sex drive try tibulus as any reported side effects are minimal from the studies i’ve seen, it’s a really cheap supplement but obviously do all the research yourself before taking any testosterone booster.

Cheers and gone!

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  1. Yeah I think tribulus is a waste of money, as there aren’t any credible studies that prove it works. From the reviews I read it seems that a libido boost is all you can expect from tribulus, but I guess if you’re over the age of 35 it might work better. Pine pollen and DAA have helped me boost my test levels back to normal ranges, although I think diet and exercise is the most important aspect of getting T levels back up to normal from low ranges.

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