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Do Girls Like Muscles?

Do Girls Like Muscles?

Do Girls Like Muscles? – A pressing question in need of an answer

If you asked any guy if girls prefer muscly guys over skinny guys, the unanimous opinion would be a yes they do. This reasoning could be because it’s very rare to see a guy poster model being skinny, he will more likely have a good degree of muscle and definition. It’s also very common to see attractive girls with muscly guys. Leading to one of the overwhelming reasons guys spend hours lifting weights in the gym is so that they can impress the ladies.

There must be a underlying psychological principle for this observation. Looking into it, it can be thought of as a primitive trait. Throughout the animal kingdom the alpha male is notoriously the most aggressive and powerful. They can provide the highest level of protection and safety within the group. So does this view still reside in our minds? That muscles represent power and sanctuary, well yes to some extent. We have moved on a lot from those times and sanctuary can be found through wealth but the primitive from of sanctuary still lies with the power of the ‘alpha male’.

So guys answer the question do girls like muscles with a yes but we could be wrong so what we need is a females perspective.

I would like to introduce you to Katie Ladrido a Twitter follower of StrengthandFitnessTips, who I am very thankful for answering these questions. Here is a little bit about who she is.

Do girls like muscles?

Katie Ladrido is currently a graduate student of the Public Policy program in Georgetown University and the chief brand jewelry designer of Cultus ChiChi, LLC. A self-confessed gym junkie and culture enthusiast; a jewelry designer and exorbitant student by day and a social butterfly at night, her random light bulb moments are documented on and on twitter: via @katieladrido.



Would you be more attracted to a guy with muscles than a guy without, putting aside their personalities, facial features and going only by physical appearance?

During my high school prom, my mom made a funny remark that has permanently gotten stuck in my head — “Always look your best; Love is not blind.” Sarcasm aside, the subtext is, whether we admit it or not, physical appearance is the very first thing we notice about other people. Personally, when I see a guy who is physically fit and muscular, I think, this guy cares enough about health and fitness. I am someone who also values staying in shape, and would immediately appreciate that about Mr. X with muscles. 

 Are muscles that are too big unattractive?

Aesthetics always vary per individual, and in my opinion, there is such a thing as way too much muscles. I’m a sucker for guys with amazing abs — I don’t think you can overdo this 😉 However, I am very particular about muscle proportions. I think some guys work too hard on their upper body and neglect the lower body. He should definitely have long, strong arms, but also, leg muscles to do more squats than me!

Do you prefer an exceptionally toned fitness model appearance? Or the more of a James Bond rugged with some chest hair appearance?

I don’t think I have a real preference, but I slightly prefer guys with the rugged, scruffy look. I certainly appreciate exceptionally toned fitness models and their clean look, but like my sister and I have disagreed, I’m not a big fan of pretty boys. And you can quote one of my previous tweets on this one, but I like “scruffy muscle-y men who look like they still smell clean”. MUSCLES + SCRUFF + GOOD HYGIENE

In order to get muscles you have to go to the gym, is there a point when their obsessiveness makes them lose their attractiveness?

I think BALANCE is everything; but I myself go to the gym twice daily. I can totally understand why one might get “obsessed” with going to the gym all the time, as a self-confessed gym junkie myself.  I think though, efficient planning and good communication with one’s partner about his/her schedule helps alleviate the tensions that may arise from “working out too much” if there is such a thing. In my opinion though, when someone I care about is at the gym, they’re taking care of themselves and working hard to be fit, which I like.

Finally could you tell me a celebrity or someone who has your perfect body type.

Christian Bale in American Psycho (in reference to the shower scene and sun tanning scene); Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love (I appreciate seeing his body transform from skinny and lanky to fit and muscle-y); Djimon Hounsou in Gladiator and his Calvin Klein ads; and pretty much all the gladiators in Starz’s Spartacus show

Yes Girls do like muscles

I think Katie has hit the nail on the head here. It’s easy to see that yes women do find guys with muscles more attractive, ‘physical appearance is the very first thing we notice about other people’. 

It’s great to notice the mention about proportions. A huge mistake many guys make is the need to build up a big upper body, with the ‘show’ muscles so to speak. I have mentioned it before and will mention it again, make sure you squat and dead lift and build up your entire physique, it’s not all about the biceps.

I hope this post answered any questions your may have, another thank you to Katie for making this post possible.

If you have a second to ‘like’ and ‘+1’ the post I would appreciate it greatly and it will help out many other people who are seeking an answer to this question.

As always I would love to hear you thoughts and opinions so leave them in the comments below, until next time keep lifting.


  1. Hi Will,

    I enjoyed reading your post!

    I side with Katie. I like muscles, that are proportioned very nicely. What can I say?

    Take care,


  2. Australia Road Boys

    Hey Will great post.
    By any chance are you going to put up any video tutorials any time soon? Would be really great to demonstrate some of the exercises.
    Keep up the good work you are such an inspiration. x

  3. Great pos – I appreciate the info.

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