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Have you underestimated the power of your mind?

If asked, ‘ which is the most important part of your body to ensure you can maintain a healthy lifestyle?’ Some people may respond with their legs so that they are mobile and can easily take part in cardiovascular exercises. Others may say upper body mobility with the use of your arms to do a series of upper body exercises. However any answer involving logic like this is wrong. The most valuable part of any person’s health and fitness irrespective of disability issues is the mind and your will power.

The brain is what stimulates your muscle in the body via the central nervous system, this in itself is vital for causing muscle contractions enabling you the potential to increase your fitness. A healthy lifestyle will never come easily, the honest truth being healthy food can be more expensive, less appetizing and all round more hassle to prepare. Working out takes time out of your day and requires more effort than watching television. If you don’t have the correct mindset then you are never going to achieve it. With this being said to a certain extent its your mind that is going to be holding you back so in this article I am going to see if I can alter your mindset if you are struggling with the commitment of change.

There is never a reason too small to want to get fit, muscular, lower blood pressure, etc… You should also not be embarrassed if it’s for a vein reason such as impressing the girl you have taken a liking to, or just to look better on the beach. You need a reason like this so you can get infected with the fitness bug! The fitness bug once it has a hold of your will improve all aspects of your life, I just want you to find that reason which will allow you to get infected.

I feel comfortable putting a lot of money on the reason many guys take out a gym membership is to impress the opposite sex. I also feel comfortable saying that once they’ve impressed and courted a lucky lady that they will not simply stop working out. It becomes more than that simple idea incepted in your reason all those months/years ago. The benefits of working out will quickly outweigh the hardships. At first you will feel like there is a drain attached to your energy reserves as your body starts to reject the exercise, that drain over the period of a few months will turn to a spring and become an energy source.

If it’s confidence you lack then working out will teach you how to become more confident. In my own and what I recommend in every persons training program is to constantly strive into the unknown whether it be setting a faster 5km run time, a new 5 rep max deadlift weight etc. By tackling physical challenges like these in the gym your mindset is tested, you have to tell yourself and believe in yourself that you can do it otherwise you never will. This then transfers over into your work, when that leap into the unknown is required you will have the confidence and the balls to attempt it.

If you have read this far, then I assume you struggle to get started and this is what I want YOU to do.

1. Write down everything in your life you can improve
2. Provide a reason for each wanting to improve each of these
3. Sifon out the issues that can be solved with working out, everything to do with looks, confidence , stress etc
4. Honestly say to yourself and find a reason for what has been holding you back for each issue.

You now have a blunt list of things in your life you are not happy with and the reasons behind them. I now want you to focus on the ones caused by your actions that are regulated by your mind. This involves eating too many Burger Kings, this is an action taken because of your mind. Having a burger king is unlikely to prevent starvation and if it is then how are you in the internet?

This whole process relies on you being true to yourself regarding each item on this list. You must be critical and blunt and note down every possible thought and event that has caused you to cheat on your diet/workout or just stop you from working out in the first place.

I want you to bottle up the positives so you can keep calling on them as a reminder of why you are doing what you are doing.

Greg Plitt

I for instance fully intend on dethroning this man, I will have no regrets in failing as long as I have done everything in my power in attempting to do so!

If you don’t truely believe within you mind that you are going to have the best body on that beach then it’s never going to be possible. Want some motivation to lose weight check out that post and as always if you have any questions catch me on facebook.

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