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The Best time to Eat Carbs

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “If you want to lose weight you can’t eat carbs after 3pm”? This is one of the most common myths out there told only to make people limit their calorie intake, the truth is that there is no correct time to eat carbohydrate this varies from person to person. Not eating carbs after 3 is only going to lower your calorie intake so that you are in a deficit each day. I personally think this is bad because it can encourage over eating before these hours. When you eat carbohydrate your liver converts any excess blood glucose into glycogen via the Cori cycle and glycogenesis. This can then will be stored for 18 hours and released when needed via glycogenolysis. Also excess glucose can be transformed to fatty acids and stored as fat. The glycogen will then be used before any fat reserves ... Read More »

Do Testosterone Boosters Work

This is response to this email: “Hi Will, I’m in my late 30’s and want to put on some muscle, my body used to respond to weights better when I was younger and gains at the minute are coming very slowly. Can you recommend any testosterone boosters and will this increase my rate of muscle gains?” – I thought why not doa post discussing my views on whether testosterone boosters are worth it. I picked this one out as about 5 months ago I had a free sample of some tribulus which is supposed to be a natural extract that increases your testosterone level. First off I have to say take everything you see and hear from the supplement industry with a pinch of salt. Testosterone boosters/sex boosters are sold because they know the target market is likely to be desperate and have some spare cash lying around. This gives ... Read More »

A guide to get shredded in time for summer!

It’s show time guys, if you are in this game to impress the opposite sex and make your peers envious as hell then here are some tips I have been adhering to in order to get lean as f**k. So i mean’t to do this post at the beginning of May however I didn’t so here it is now. Essentially this is a guide to lose a 1lb of body fat a week while still keeping muscle mass and hopefully adding to what you already have. This will bring out your muscles and accentuate what you already have. I say bring out your muscles…. not build new ones. In 10 weeks it is unlikely you will put on more than a couple pounds of muscle. This in fact would be an amazing gain as building muscle and losing fat is not an easy feat. One important thing to try and ensure ... Read More »

Hardgainer Diet

How to work out your Hardgainer Diet Hi Guys, in the video i just go through the two basic things that you need to amend if you are still not gaining any muscle. Nutrition is the most important part of anyone’s fitness regime, and before we can decide what we are going to eat we need to determine what our body actually needs in order to reach our goals. We need to first determine our basic metabolic rate, this is the amount of calories our body will need if it where in a coma. I am going to assume you don’t have access to measurements via calorimetry so we will use one of two equations. Calculation of calories needed to build muscle as a hardgainer Mifflin – St Jeor  This equation is the most accurate in todays society however it does tend to overestimate your needs if you have a ... Read More »

My Paleo Recipe Book Review

Hi and welcome to my Paleo Recipe Book Review. In case you are looking for the official paleo recipe book site check it out on the link below. In this review I am going to remain completely unbiased. I will go through with a tooth pick the fine details on the book and look at it from all angles. This I hope to ensure will give you a great basis on which judge upon whether the Paleo recipe book is for you! Whats do you get in the package? In actual fact you get a set of 4 books the Paleo Recipe Book, the Paleo Meal Plan a bonus herbs and spices guide as well as a bonus dessert guide. It makes sense to go over each of these four books separately. Paleo Recipe Book Review When I turned Paleo I found it quite difficult to think of what to eat ... Read More »

Best Pre Workout Supplements

The idea behind a pre workout supplement is that it get you ‘jacked’ up, ready and focused, solely to lift some weights. Using a combination of chemicals that stimulate your mind and your body. The hype behind of the best pre workout supplements is unreal, which to my mind also aids their effects. In this post I will look into what is in the top pre workout supplements, take a look at some natural alternatives and rank some of the market leaders against each other. What is in the best pre workout supplements? It seems reasonable to discuss the most well known ingredient first and that is caffeine. Caffeine I have yet to find a single pre workout that doesn’t contain this natural ingredient. It’s been used for hundreds of years as a stimulant.  Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system making you more alert. A easy demonstration of this is ... Read More »

Healthiest alcoholic drinks

As you may know, if your trying to lose weight or gain some muscle it’s best you avoid alcohol. It’s not going to be beneficial to you in anyway, however that’s not why so many people drink is it. Alcohol is an amazing social lubricant, I assume huge companies have been formed, ideas conceived all while having a tipple. So I am not here to say don’t drink it that is your decision I am just willing to give your some advice so you can chose the healthiest alcoholic drinks. I’m all into people taking their health seriously but not all of us are trying to become the next Arnold, or Jamie Eason. There are times when you have to drink, it’s something unavoidable. For instance I have had a few friends 21st birthdays recently and I can quite say they have been some of the best weekends of my ... Read More »

Homemade Protein shake

Things you need for a homemade protein shake Whether you’re someone who uses whey protein often or not sometimes making your own homemade protein shake is just a more appealing idea. Quite often I run out of conventional protein shakes and need to find something to replace them. The reason why you take ingredients and put them into a shake is because liquids are absorbed much faster. Protein shakes real advantage over conventional food is that they can get to the muscles much faster and kickstart the repair and building process. Here are 3 recipes you can use to create a protein shake. Homemade protein shake recipe 1 – The Hollywood Body Skimmed milk Cottage cheese Peanut Butter 4 eggs The quantities depend on how you like it to taste. Adding more peanut butter will make the shake thicker while those of you trying to reduce fat content may prefer ... Read More »


So what exactly does that title mean, basically it’s in regards to the need of carbohydrate when you are getting lean. In my opinion carbohydrate is the main macro nutrient that causes people trouble when they are trying to lose weight or just get cut for whatever reason. I also think people show vast difference in carbohydrate tolerance. I for one have the metabolism of a raging bull, so can eat around 200g of carbs and still maintain a good weight loss rate. Others will find this too much to get down to the low body fat region of 5-6%. How important is carbohydrate? They certainly are important even if your are trying to lose weight they just need to be moderated and the right sort consumed. Getting your daily carbohydrate allowance in the form of sugars is going to be well, not great for you. Firstly you will burn ... Read More »

Build Muscle and Lose fat at the same time

I’ve wanted to do a post on this for a while. It’s a phrase used a lot in the fitness industry by those who want to give their product the edge. The reason? Quite obvious actually it appeals to those both over and underweight looking to get that Greg Plitt style body. It also plays upon peoples natural lazy tendencies to achieve something as fast as possible. Which is why these programs are so successful, but can it be done? Can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time? In this post I am going to look closely into the metabolic phases your body goes through while building and losing muscle. So can it be done can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time? Short Answer: No Long Answer: Possibly My 3 Rules for gaining muscle  Nutrition: Muscle growth is optimised by the quality of ... Read More »

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