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Are you eating enough Vitamins?

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Fitness and Vitamins If you have embarked or are embarking upon a fitness regime, you have to ensure you still follow basic principals. I’m sure as a child you were told to eat your vegetables and fruits because they contained vitamins which made you strong and healthy. Well your parents weren’t lying. You should still be doing this because you need vitamins as much as you need air, they catalyse and facilitate thousands of metabolic reactions. Almost every energy production or muscle growth process is reliant on a vitamin. Being deficient in any one of  them is going to seriously impede your progress. So Which vitamins should I take? You should be getting all of them from your varied diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, meats etc. You can also take a multi vitamin tablet to boost any of the ones your diet may not be providing you with. What do ... Read More »

During workout Nutrition

Have you ever found yourself becoming increasingly lethargic within the first 30 minutes of a workout? Your muscles don’t feel tired, yet you have an unexplainable feeling of weakness? This is most likely down to your pre and during workout nutrition. During workout nutrition is often overlooked, however without it training can be very counter productive. So lets go into an overview of what your body is doing during exercise. Your body can use three different types of energy source these are; Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins. So what do they do? Carbohydrates – They come in two forms, complex and simple. A complex carbohydrate is found in foods like bread, they are long chain and give a sustained energy release over a longer period of time. An example of a simple carbohydrate is Glucose that gives the body an immediate energy resource. Fats – Fats are much more complex molecules, ... Read More »

Finding the right Protein shake.

Which protein shake should i buy

Hey guys, so protein…. A vital aspect in both recovery and growth but which one is best for you? As I am sure you are aware, the diversity in types and brands of protein supplements is huge. This can also be said with the pricing, with some brands ‘Whey’ protein being 5x more expensive than the next. The pricing is often to do with a monopoly effect, some brands have established themselves therefore they can charge more for their products i.e. Maximuscle. Protein powders and supplements are often seen to be only used by bodybuilders, the truth is they are used by triathletes, tennis players, rugby players…etc the list could go on for hours. The type of protein supplement they are taking will however be different. Subsequently having a protein shake is no longer only for men, it’s become very trendy for women to have a ‘toning’ shake. Maximuscle have ... Read More »

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