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Knee pain when squatting – The Remedy

These are my views on the best ways to tackle knee pain when squatting

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when trying to build up some muscle, is not having the confidence to lift a heavy weight or perform technical lifts. Technique comes purely from practice and should always come before needing to muster the confidence to lift a heavy weight. Once technique has been mastered sometimes confidence will get in the way of ensuring the best possible lifts for muscle gains.

The first confidence issue is the worry about getting injured. From my experience of having a range of injuries sometimes I prefer to just lift to ensure I am able to walk out of the gym at the end of the session. My growth however will suffer, and that deep burning pump is harder to attain. I then came across an interesting interview which discussed how to recover from an injury. The subject had to have major reconstructive surgery on his pectoral after he tore it in the gym. He was a champion bodybuilder worried about causing the injury again and his surgeon gave him this piece of advice.

‘Don’t stop lifting heavy, life is associated with risk and if you knew the outcome of everything you did we would have a very boring life, don’t worry about the what if’s. Start slow, rebuild and don’t change how you train.’

I think this is on the whole good advice however lifting heavy is obviously idiotic if you have shocking form.

This article is mainly about how to stop knee pain when squatting which is what many people struggle with. For a lot of guys going to the gym it’s deemed unnecessary to workout their legs as they don’t view their legs as an attraction tool. ¬†You need to work your legs to have a aesthetic physique and not look like a complete faggot (like the guy in the picture below) so listen up!

knee pain when squatting

Stop Knee pain when squatting

The best way to protect your knees and eliminate knee pain when squatting is to use knee wraps. When we lift heavy loads we are putting stress on our muscles, this stress can only be harnessed into a movement if our tendons attach the muscle to the bone so a movement can be made around a joint.

In the case of squatting the knee joint bears the brunt of this force with the patella tendon can often be irritated to cause inflammation and pain. There are also a vast series of ligaments in the knee which can also be damaged so securing the knee will reduce the force exerted on both the tendons and ligaments.

Knee pain when squatting

A knee wrap will put pressure on the tendons themselves reducing some of the load and fix your knee into travelling in a more unidirectional motion.

The wrap should be applied a little above the patella all the way to the top of the shin as demonstrated in the lovely picture I took in the gym earlier. The wraps should be elasticated and tight to a reasonable extent (e.g. ensure you are able to bend your leg).

reduce the stress on knee when squatting with wraps

I can vouch that all knee pain when squatting was eliminated when using these maximuscle straps which I highly recommend.

You can pick them up on amazon for a steal

If you do not have squats in your workout routine then I suggest you check out the Chris evans workout. In this routine you will be taught about how to perform a split workout in which your whole body is given the opportunity to grow!!

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