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Tom Hardy Warrior Workout

In his latest two films, Bronson and Warrior Tom Hardy has shown he can put on a good amount of mass. In Bronson he put on lots of weight and played the role of a brawler, and in Warrior a MMA underdog. His workout routine differs from all plans i’ve seen before and i’ve been going it for 3 weeks and it’s given me great lean gains. Tom managed to bulk up to 18 stone for Bronson, pretty impressive. Tom Hardy Warrior Workout In the film Tom has traps that make him look very scary and you presume are the result of shrugging a small elephant for days on end.  In the Tom Hardy Warrior workout he did not lift excessively heavy. In actual fact what he did do was lift often. In training he would exercise on average 3-4 times a day. Obviously he couldn’t lift really heavy as your body ... Read More »

Squat Technique – How to Keep your Heels down and not Fall Forward

Squat Technique – Common Problems A common problem people have when it comes to squatting is being able to keep their heels on the floor and remain in balance. It wasn’t until a buddy of mine alerted me to the fact he could not physically squat without falling over. After much deliberation and frustration on my part I decided to look into how to fix the problem. A solution my friend came up with was to just keep the heels raised off the floor, I was skeptical but he said it was advised on a forum. He managed to get good depth and remained in balance but he suffered some intense lower back pain. This is because having your heels raised off the floor increases the pressure on the lower back, hence the back pain. It’s therefore crucial you solve the problem rather than trying to work around it. To ... Read More »

Chris Evans Workout for Captain America

Chris Evans Workout routine Exposed With the release of Captain America on the big screens it’s sparked up the question of, how did Chris Evans get so jacked? He was already pretty ripped before he was cast to play the role but he put on some serious muscle mass in quite a short period of time. If you have ever read any of the Captain America comics you will have noticed how muscly Captain America is portrayed and Chris Evans has replicated it very well. Chris Evans’ Workout consisted of a heavy split routine. For those that don’t know what a split routine is, it is when you train one body part each day of the week and then rinse and repeat. It’s what I recommend in most of my posts. I wouldn’t say this workout is limited by any gym experience, it is intensive however and if your just starting ... Read More »

Tricep Exercises – Do you need them?

If you have come looking for some tricep exercises then scroll down to near the bottom of the post, in this post I am going to voice my opinions why I don’t think isolating the triceps is very necessary. Triceps are probably one of the most used muscles in the body, they are used in almost every chest exercise and most shoulder exercises. It can really be said that triceps and chest are a complimenting muscle group, and as your chest gets bigger your triceps will too. Now here is why I think you probably don’t need to do tricep exercises very often. Let’s say you are having a chest day and you go through your routine of bench press, incline bench, dumbell press, dumbells flies, press ups, dips etc. You will notice that 5 out of the 6 exercises listed there will all work your triceps. Dips especially, if ... Read More »

How to get Bigger legs

How to get bigger legs – Learn from my mistakes I for one when starting out with gym work, didn’t pay much attention on developing my legs. I quite often wore tracksuit bottoms and tended to ignore my legs when clocking my development. I primarily worked my upper body and with the vast amount of calories I consumed did gain weight fast, with only a small amount of it being on my legs. My bench press sky rocketed however my squats did not. I worked legs once a fortnight, tops, and was able to squat around 80-90kg’s. This was less than my bench press! This was completely wrong as your legs are by far a greater, more powerful group of muscles. I kept on training until I hit a bit of a plateau and muscle growth slowed, I couldn’t figure out the cause of this problem but I have now ... Read More »

The Importance of Form in a Workout

Why is Form Important? Form is crucial in preventing injuries and ensuring the targeted muscles get the best workout possible. It’s common to see people in the gym with bad form, but what exactly is it? Well bad form is when someone is doing an exercise which has additional ranges of motion. Lets take the classic bicep curl as an example. When performing a correct bicep curl you should have a fixed elbow at your hip and then have a steady, stable range of motion while you contract the bicep. You will not only feel your bicep working but a bit of shoulders and core, these should however only be working to keep your body stable. The only motion you should be going through is the bicep contraction and not the lurching, rocking, leaning back heavily action commonly seen. What causes bad form? The principal cause of poor form is ... Read More »

How to get Ripped like the Actors in 300

If you have watched the film 300 you will know that every actor was in unbelievable shape. Muscles bulging, veins pumping and not a ounce of fat to be seen. People in the fitness industry were talking about it, saying, ‘it’s not all natural there must be lots of special effects.’ It turns out that it’s all natural, they did in-fact train exceptionally hard to get in shape and in some cases the actors collapsed due to exhaustion. I bet you can’t wait to try their routine…. Soon after the films release a workout emerged dubbed the 300 workout, which by no means is for the feint hearted. It is an epic full body workout, starting off with a mere set of 25 chin ups. All in all you perform 300 repetitions and you are supposed to complete in a time of 20 minutes or less. The workout is as ... Read More »

High Intensity Training (HIT)

High intensity training was first implemented in the 1970’s and used by many ‘Mr Olympians’ and many world class athletes. This training method is infrequent, usually performed once every fortnight and requires lower weight and higher reps. The rest is needed because you’re pushing your muscles to failure from which they need time to recover. Why are you pushing your muscles to failure? Exercising your muscles to failure is thought to further stimulate growth and stamina, it can be useful when your training reaches a plateau. You should only train one muscle group or a muscle group and their counterpart. For example Back and Biceps, shoulders and triceps etc. When working out like this your form is vital and the movement is mean’t to be slow and controlled. You should be looking to perform 15 repetitions per set at which point you should be reaching failure, and the workout length ... Read More »

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