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Build confidence in the Gym

Gym Confidence There is nothing that upsets me more than walking into a gym and seeing someone hunched over an exercise bike barely pedalling, seeming as if they would rather not be there. I know not everyone can have outstanding confidence especially if they have gone to the gym to tackle weight issues but it’s something that is vital to anyone’s success. A big problem with having low confidence while in the gym is that you will never push yourself to your true potential. You may even never get to use some equipment you need to because your afraid of being surrounded by athletic people. I have been there and I know what it’s like asking to use some equipment after someone who looks they eat a whole cow for breakfast, it’s quite daunting. Some of them are condescending and just plain arrogant which doesn’t help matters but you have ... Read More »

Motivation and Pump up tips

How important is your mindset when you exercise? In some respects is as important as your diet and the way you exercise. I’m sure you’ve had a day where you just can’t find any motivation to get out and train, you have nothing better to do and no excuse yet you just can’t seem to muster the energy to bring yourself to do it. When these days they come around they are a pain however I hope these couple of tips will get you through them and get on with your exercise. The first thing is, to as much of an extent as possible write a plan of your day, with the goals you wish to achieve and when you want to achieve them. Following a set schedule is better than making one up as you go along as psychologically it’s easier to waver and tell yourself you will just ... Read More »

How to Get and Stay Motivated

Motivation has an enormous part to play in your path to success. Throughout history people who are the most motivated ultimately achieved and surpassed their goals. In the current day and age there are plenty of distractions that can slow down success and lead to people becoming unmotivated. These include things like Facebook, Youtube, Films on demand on TV. All of which are fine in moderation but can become encompassing and hours can be lost to them. I have first hand experience, I have probably watched almost every video on Youtube, I would sometimes find myself watching something and saying to myself, ‘why am I watching this?’ and have absolutely no reason. I have since found ways to increase my motivation which enables me to use my time better and not waste it. This works for all aspects of your life not just your health and fitness but also for ... Read More »

Get Ripped and Toned for Summer

It’s almost Summer, at this time my focus and energy goes up as it’s almost the season for board shorts and any excuse to go around topless. It’s in these next couple months that you can really put in some hard work and reap results for the rest of the summer. So with most peoples primary focus to get ripped and toned what need to be done? Steps that need to be taken I’ve said it before but I will say it again, DIET has to be impeccable. I’m sure it’s been hard as it’s been Easter and copious amounts of chocolate have surely been on offer but the time for cutting out those excess fats and carbs has never been better. To keep your diet in check make sure you write down what you are going to eat each day, so you can shop for foods you need in ... Read More »

A beginners Gym routine

I’m going to keep this brief as being overloaded with information before you start is only going to put you off. A gym can be an intimidating place, I remember the first time I went, it was full of First team Rugby players lifting silly amounts of weight. It’s very easy to be put off and muscled off what you are trying to achieve. Here comes my first rule, always go into the gym with a routine pre planned. If you go around the gym using only what positions are available you might as well not be there. Wait for your equipment to be free and don’t let people rush you or take your spot. My second rule, you need to use free weights and not machines. Machines limit your range of movement, thus building a muscle to work in only the direction set by parameters of the machine. Free ... Read More »

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