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Does the Acai Berry Diet aid weight loss?

Acai Berry Diet Superfoods? If you have ever looked for a food or fruit that is supposed to aid weight loss you have undoubtedly come across the Acai Berry. Let’s look at where it has come from. The reason it’s called an Acai berry is because it comes from a Acai palm, botanically known as Euterpe oleracea. This species is native to Central and South America and is most commonly found in the swamps and flood plains. The berry is a small black purple berry that is round, similar to a grape but with less pulp. The Global demand for the fruit over the last 10 years has increased dramatically. The Acai berry diet aims to use the berries natural ingredients to cleanse the body. This then should help aid weight loss and increase overall wellbeing. Ok so it looks again like yet another magical fruit, similar to the Goji Berry, ... Read More »

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