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Build Muscle Without Weights

building muscle without weights

Can you build muscle without weights? If any of you have ever read Arnold schwarzenegger’s book the Encyclopaedia of bodybuilding you will see he mentions how through a series of posing and tensing routines you can actually stimulate the muscle to the effect where you do damage and encourage growth. Many bodybuilders do a posing routine after their workout so that they increase their muscle density. If you have every tensed all the muscles in your body for 30 minutes you will appreciate that this is no mean feat. However in this article I am going to run through some routines you can go through in the sanctity of your own home so that you can build muscle without weights. Bodyweight Exercises to build muscle without using weights If you don’t have access to weights then you are going to have to use your body as the weight. On the face ... Read More »

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